How to Consolidate Your Fulfillment Systems and Reduce Order Processing Times
  • Janna Prowell
October 07, 2021
Posted by Janna Prowell
Janna Prowell

How to Consolidate Your Fulfillment Systems and Reduce Order Processing Times

Our team often speaks with eCommerce businesses that have accumulated many systems to support their fulfillment process and fill specific gaps in their shipping workflow. However, this results in warehouse employees having to switch from system to system to process shipments leading to a number of problems like order data not syncing correctly and/or heavy reliance on manual decision-making leading to mis-shipments and costly errors. 

Fortunately, for companies using NetSuite, ShipHawk’s seamless integration provides an end-to-end shipping solution that helps bridge the gap and consolidate your fulfillment systems with the goal of increasing your shipping operations efficiency. 

Don’t just take our word for it; a ShipHawk customer went from using 5+ systems for their fulfillment process to just using ShipHawk. With ShipHawk’s capabilities, this customer reduced processing time from 45 seconds to 5 seconds all by cutting out unnecessary systems and choosing ShipHawk as their centralized solution. 

What’s more, ShipHawk's automated rate shopping eliminates the need for individual carrier software like FedEx Ship Manager and UPS WorldShip because all rates for both parcel and LTL shipments are automatically generated within ShipHawk to ensure that the optimal rate that meets customer delivery promises is selected for shipping each order. 

If your shipping operation is experiencing a disconnect across many systems and it’s impacting your operational efficiency, schedule a call with one of our team members today to learn more about how ShipHawk can help.


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