July 01, 2021
Posted by Claire Eastburn

How Multi-Carrier Rate Shopping Works in ShipHawk

Multi-carrier rate shopping is at the core of reducing your shipping costs. There’s no getting around it. That’s why ShipHawk is configured so that when a proposed shipment is generated it automatically chooses the cheapest rate available. This video demonstrates how multi-carrier rate shopping works within ShipHawk.

(3) multi-carrier rate shopping

Some key benefits of multi-carrier rate shopping are:

  • Greater visibility = more ways to reduce shipping costs. With multi-carrier rate shopping, you are automatically able to compare different rates across carriers and service levels to ensure you get the cheapest and best rates per shipment. 
  • Increased reliability. When one carrier is experiencing large delays and is unable to make warehouse pick-ups, multi-carrier rate shopping gives you the flexibility to have a backup carrier to guarantee you can get shipments out the door and deliver on customer expectations.
  • Improved customer experience. Multi-carrier rate shopping empowers you to choose the best and most cost-effective carrier that will deliver your packages to customers in time they want and expect. So for example, upon checkout customers will only be shown the delivery time options, giving your warehouse employees the ability on the backend to select the carrier that will then deliver the package within the customer selected time-frame.

Now that you know some of the benefits of multi-carrier rate shopping and have seen it in action, schedule a call to speak with a shipping expert on our team to learn more about ShipHawk today. 


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