How to Reduce the Number of Packages Sent with the Wrong Items
  • Janna Prowell
July 15, 2021
Posted by Janna Prowell
Janna Prowell

How to Reduce the Number of Packages Sent with the Wrong Items

When your fulfillment operation is experiencing a high number of mis-shipments or wrong items being shipped to customers this can negatively impact your customers' experience and therefore, your bottom line. Fortunately, by making the shift to an automated shipping software with pack verification software, you can dramatically improve all stages of your fulfillment process.

With ShipHawk’s Pack Verify the need for your warehouse employees to manually enter order information is eliminated by requiring them to scan each SKU when packing items in an order. The result? Fewer mis-shipments and errors, saving you money at every stage in your fulfillment process.  As explained in the guide to modern warehouse automation, Adapt or Die, “By using a scan verify process to ensure the right items and only the right items are packed in each box prior to shipping, you reduce your mis-ship items and resulting product returns.”

Speaking of returns - automated shipping software is an important tool for improving your customer’s experience as it reduces the chances your customers will end up with the wrong item on their doorstep. 

If this sounds all too familiar and you are ready to shift to a shipping software that will reduce the number of packages sent with the wrong items, schedule a call to learn how ShipHawk can enable you to do just that.


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