How to Configure Shipping Rules
  • James Ayers
June 17, 2021
Posted by James Ayers

How to Configure Rating Rules in ShipHawk

You ask, we answer. ShipHawk’s Q&A series uses questions that our team has been asked by businesses looking for ways to optimize their fulfillment operation.


With ShipHawk, companies have the power to configure shipping rules to automatically choose the cheapest and best rate for a proposed shipment. Using those customizable shipping rules and enforcing them means you don’t have to worry about your warehouse team selecting a more expensive carrier or making a manual mistake.


What Are Shipping Rules?

When ShipHawk generates a proposed shipment, it automatically chooses the cheapest rate available that fits your criteria based on the shipping rules you have in place. In the beginning, during your initial setup, you will manually choose which types of shipping methods you prefer, and then ShipHawk will do the rest. Once you have the rules set up, the system’s automated shipping software will automatically find the cheapest option for the types of shipping methods you chose. Don’t worry, you can change these rules at any time without development assistance or extra cost or scope.


How Can I Configure a Rule to Change How Rates Are Picked by ShipHawk?

Shipping rules save you time and money by automatically choosing the cheapest rate for shipping based on the criteria you have selected. Ready to see how it’s done? Check the video out to see how to easy it is to configurable ShipHawk’s rating rules in just a few steps:

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create shipping rules, it’s a no-brainer to implement them for your business. Still have questions? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below:


What Are Shipping Rules?

ShipHawk enables you to create a rule that selects the cheapest and best rate for a proposed shipment. What’s more, with an automated shipping software, you can enforce those business rules and rest easy knowing your team is using the optimal rates. With ShipHawk’s automated shipping software, you will reduce shipping costs and increase order output.


Is additional IT development needed?

Nope! As seen in the video above, ShipHawk’s system is user-friendly and easy to navigate so with just a few clicks, you can create and edit business rules that fit your business’ custom needs all without additional IT support.


What does automating order processing do?

Without configurable business rules, the burden falls on warehouse workers to manually make these decisions with each proposed shipment. This can result in costly errors and much slower order processing times. Automated order processing reduces those errors by using our shipping software to choose the best and cheapest option for you every single time.


See the control and customization ShipHawk can provide your company!

Don’t just take it from us. ShipHawk customer Hammer Nutrition had this to say about the benefits of shipping rules: “The fluidity of ShipHawk for our IT team has been huge,” said Brandon Harrell. “They’ve been able to take the shipping policy and actually enforce it. It has made our lives so much easier knowing packages are going out the right way.”

Think your eCommerce business can benefit from an automated shipping software that provides configurable business rules? Schedule a call with ShipHawk to learn more today!


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