How ShipHawk Helps You Process International Shipping Orders
  • Janna Prowell
September 02, 2021
Posted by Janna Prowell
Janna Prowell

How ShipHawk Helps You Process International Shipping Orders

Many companies avoid international shipping because it seems too complex and time-consuming to be a worthwhile investment.

How Does ShipHawk’s International Shipping Tool Work?

ShipHawk helps you process international orders by automatically selecting the cheapest carrier rate for your international shipments. In addition, ShipHawk has many other features that make processing international parcel orders seamless and customizable to your business’ shipping needs. This video provides a birds-eye view of how ShipHawk helps save money on international shipping.


ShipHawk's international shipping rate shopping tool helps to ensure you get the best rate on every shipment without the hassle of manually comparing rates from different shipping carriers. 

What Challenges Are Involved in International Shipping?

International shipping can be a more complex process than the standard shipping process, but ShipHawk helps address many of these challenges.

Here are some of the features that ShipHawk has to offer to improve your international shipping process:

  • Duties & Taxes - ShipHawk allows you to select whether duties and taxes are to be billed directly to the customer or to you. You can enter this information per order or automate this process via ShipHawk’s Dynamic Rules Engine™. Choosing to automate this process eliminates the need to manually update every order while still providing the flexibility to update on an individual order level. 
  • Customs Data - Similar to duties and taxes, ShipHawk allows customers to enter customs data (e.g., value of goods, commodity codes, etc.) for each order, while also storing this data so it automatically populates based on the item(s) within the shipment.
  • International Documentation - ShipHawk automatically prints international documentation upon each created shipment. Documentation includes: commercial invoices, USMCA and CN22/CN23 customs declarations. What’s more, ShipHawk provides configurable commercial invoices that allow you to customize fields within the form to your specific business needs. 
  • Electronic Shipping Data Transfer -  ShipHawk sends commercial invoices and customs data directly to major carriers eliminating yet another manual step in your fulfillment process.
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