Your Business Needs a Direct NetSuite Shipping Integration—Here’s Why
  • Elyse Klein
September 19, 2023
Posted by Elyse Klein

Your Business Needs a Direct NetSuite Shipping Integration—Here’s Why

Using ShipHawk's NetSuite shipping integration software, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors are saving on shipping costs and processing orders faster.

Shipping software that works with NetSuite and is tailored to your business is a streamlined solution. The one-stop shipping integration—built specifically for NetSuite customers—eliminates the need for middleware or separate solutions to process parcel and LTL. And, unlike other shipping software that requires a third-party connector like Celigo or FarApp, ShipHawk is directly integrated with NetSuite —it’s that simple.

Here’s what happens when you automate your shipping decisions

  • ShipHawk pulls order details from NetSuite in real-time.
  • A customizable rules engine finds the lowest carrier cost while meeting shipping requirements.
  • The order details are written back to NetSuite—in real-time—all without a third-party connector.

Using ShipHawk’s shipping systems for Netsuite allows businesses to gain robust data integrity and security, reduce their shipping costs, and have the ability to create customizable business rules that support their needs. Users can create these custom shipping rules as needed—without reaching out to customer support. It’s customization at your fingertips. 

Want to find out more about NetSuite shipping automation? Connect with an expert on our team to discuss your specific shipping challenges.

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