Top Considerations for a NetSuite Shipping Solution
  • Alex Kemp
April 13, 2023
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Top Considerations for a NetSuite Shipping Solution

Do you need a shipping solution built for NetSuite?

When looking at your shipping process using NetSuite as your ERP, the first consideration is whether or not you need a shipping solution integrated with NetSuite. We previously wrote an article on the 4 Questions to Help Determine if You Need a NetSuite Shipping Integration. If you’ve established that you do need a solution, read on. If you aren’t sure yet, check out the article above.

What are your requirements for shipping with NetSuite?

Once you’ve established that you need a solution, the next step is to come up with a detailed list of requirements that you’ll need from a NetSuite shipping software. For example:

  • Real-time shipping rates and delivery times from parcel and LTL carriers in one platform
  • Customizable and robust shipping rules to match your business needs
  • Automated creation of necessary shipping labels, packing slips, and documentation
  • Real-time tracking information for your shipments
  • Integration with your existing shipping carriers and accounts
  • Integration with your shopping cart and ability to dynamically show rates to end users
  • Ability to direct packers to the best box to use for an order
  • Eliminate manual steps in the warehouse and reduce the reliance on workers
  • Ability to scale order throughput without adding headcount
  • Robust analytics and metrics that can help you make data-driven decisions
  • Quick and easy access to technical support, user manuals, training resources, and updates to keep your system current.

Having a list of prioritized requirements is important to begin narrowing down NetSuite shipping options.

What type of NetSuite integration do you need?

The next step would be to consider how important is a robust integration with NetSuite. There are three common options for integration:

  • iPaaS: Many solutions that sit outside of NetSuite use third-party integration or iPaaS solutions to connect with NetSuite. This might be sufficient for your needs but could also be another connection point that could potentially fail, in addition to the added cost. 
  • Built-in NetSuite: While this might seem convenient on the surface, it’s good to drill into the implications of this. For example, how fast will the system be at processing orders? Do you need to buy additional licenses to use the shipping solution with NetSuite? 
  • Built for NetSuite: The last option is for a solution that is built for NetSuite and has a tight integration of the right data. This option is best for speed and accuracy.

Finding the right level of integration is a very important consideration.

What are other companies doing to solve NetSuite shipping connections?

It’s always good to consider how other companies have solved their needs with available solutions. Here are a few examples of how other companies have solved NetSuite shipping using ShipHawk solutions:

Where should you get started with shipping software that works with NetSuite?

Just like no two businesses are the same, not all shipping software built for NetSuite is the same. That's why it's important to choose shipping software that's specifically designed for your needs. ShipHawk’s solutions can automate your shipping processes, reduce errors, and save time and money. To learn more about ShipHawk's NetSuite shipping solutions, visit our website. 



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