Do You Need a NetSuite Shipping Integration? 4 Questions to Ask
  • Christian Hirsch
August 12, 2022
Posted by Christian Hirsch

If you're a NetSuite shipper, you know that the platform allows you to scale your order management, shipping, and fulfillment options in a way that no eCommerce platform alone can provide. But at a certain point you come to realize that there are some things that the platform can't do on its own. That's when it's time to consider a NetSuite shipping integration.

4 Questions to Help Determine if You Need a NetSuite Shipping Integration

Are you satisfied with the native NetSuite shipping and fulfillment options?

Does your ERP provide all the options you need to successfully fulfill customer orders? Does it provide access to all the carrier types (parcel and freight) you need to process inbound and outbound shipments? Do you find yourself wishing you could understand more about your carriers or automatically push tracking notifications to customers? 70% of online shoppers are unlikely to return to a brand after a poor delivery experience. If you are in a position where you find yourself wanting more, it could be time to look into external shipping software that can integrate with NetSuite.

Are you experiencing shipment errors and order fulfillment delays?

Unfortunately, you probably don't have the time or the resources to find out whether or not each customer is satisfied with your services. Likely, you'll know by the number of repeat purchases that are made, if you have any at all. But, small enhancements make a significant difference where conversions and satisfaction are concerned. 80% of online shoppers are influenced by shipping costs and delivery speed. If you're unsure of how customers feel about their experience of your fulfillment process or you would like to see more return customers, that's a sign you could benefit from a NetSuite shipping add-on.

Do you want a 360-degree view of your entire order fulfillment process?

You already have a lot of data. New, unique insights could help automate your processes and streamline sales. ShipHawk's TMS 2.0 provides companies with a full-spectrum picture of everything from order to delivery. With options like carrier comparison and packing and packaging recommendations, you can boost your shipping savings up to 25%. See which carriers have the lowest costs and highest on-time delivery rates instantly. Receive tips on where you could be saving more time and money. If this sounds like a chance you've been waiting for, it's definitely time to try using a NetSuite shipping software integration that offers real-time shipping data and analytics.

Would your customers benefit from enhanced personalization and order tracking options?

Unless you already offer a fully-enhanced experience for your shoppers, the answer to the above question should be "yes." 80% of shoppers want proactive communication by way of tracking updates online and via mobile devices. You need to give them what they expect. You can do this with a NetSuite shipping extension like ShipHawk. If you know your customers are ready for the next level in the buyer's journey, it's time for an add-on.

See How ShipHawk’s NetSuite Shipping Software Can Help Your Company

The difference between offering a good and an exemplary experience for your shoppers might be incorporating a shipping integration into your shipping and fulfillment processes. Integrating external shipping software like ShipHawk into NetSuite can dramatically enhance the features offered by NetSuite. ShipHawk’s NetSuite shipping software integration offers packing and shipping software for NetSuite-connected companies that helps to reduce warehouse operator decision-making, lower shipping costs and improve order throughput. Take the next step in your business today and explore what ShipHawk has to offer.

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