Without a NetSuite Shipping Integration, Is Your Business Competitive? — 4 Big Questions to Ask
  • Elyse Klein
August 30, 2023
Posted by Elyse Klein


Adding shipping solutions built for NetSuite lets you quickly meet the shipping standards your customers already expect.

NetSuite lets you scale order management, shipping, and fulfillment. Still, there are a few things this ERP can’t accomplish. A shipping integration could dramatically improve your NetSuite instance and give your customers the shipping service they demand. Today’s shoppers expect a flawless shipping experience. 

Here are the four questions your team should consider:

1. Are you satisfied with the current native NetSuite shipping and fulfillment options you use?

Your job is to make sure every customer's experience is effortless. Seventy percent of online shoppers are unlikely to return to a brand after a poor delivery. Your ERP has to handle every customer order fast—and without a hitch.

  • Does your ERP offer access to various carrier types, including parcel and freight (LTL), both the biggest carriers and more regional-focused carriers?
  • Are you able to automatically push tracking notifications to customers?

2. Have you experienced delays in order fulfillment and shipment errors?

You want to ensure more repeat customers. Shipping accuracy, price, and delivery speed influence 80% of online shoppers. Minor enhancements to your shipping strategy can result in a major customer boost. Frequent delays and errors are signs you could benefit from a shipping system for NetSuite.

3. Do you want a 360-degree view of your entire order fulfillment process?

You already have a lot of data, but is it the right data? Better insights automate your processes and streamline sales. Shipping software that works with NetSuite gives a full-spectrum picture of everything from order to delivery. With carrier comparison and packing and packaging recommendations, you could boost your shipping savings by up to 25%. 

  • See which carriers have the lowest costs and highest on-time delivery rates instantly. 
  • Receive valuable tips on where you could save time and money.
  • View real-time shipping data and analytics.

4. Do your customers receive personalized order tracking options + updates?

Shoppers prefer to receive personalized updates on their purchases through order tracking, and they appreciate proactive communication. Give them what they expect since they’re already getting it from other vendors. NetSuite shipping solutions level up your buyers’ journey to match your competitors.

You can make or break a buyer's experience with seamless shipping integration. 

Customers who have a perfect shopping experience are more likely to return for future purchases. Shoppers expect fast, clean, modern, and reliable shipping. Shipping software that integrates directly into NetSuite gives you the ability to pack and ship more efficiently: 

  • Reducing the number of manual errors. 
  • Lowering shipping costs.
  • Improving order fulfillment from start to finish. 

AND—by combining this with a warehouse management system (WMS) that integrates directly into NetSuite, you’ll optimize your fulfillment process from receiving to picking, packing to shipping—boosting order throughput faster.

If the four questions above have you thinking, consider adding a NetSuite shipping connection.

Schedule a call to discuss exactly how a shipping integration can work for your business.  

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