How to Optimize Your NetSuite Shipping Carrier Integration
  • Sam Haj
July 13, 2023
Posted by Sam Haj
Sam Haj

NetSuite Shipping Carrier Integration

Your organization uses NetSuite because you rely on an ERP that can deliver consistent performance and effortless accessibility to keep up with the way you run your business. If you are currently running NetSuite and need access to hundreds of carriers, including the biggest carriers in the world like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, you can streamline your business enterprises by integrating a NetSuite-connected fulfillment and shipping solution. ShipHawk’s cloud-based TMS solution is uniquely positioned to grant you this access, saving time and money through automation while reducing the potential for human error.

ShipHawk’s robust functionality minimizes the number of clicks required to process shipments, increasing the efficiency of your business operations. Furthermore, ShipHawk’s TMS shipping automation software grants you access to hundreds more carriers giving increased supply chain visibility, so you can choose the best services to fulfill your customer’s needs.

NetSuite’s TMS Integration Capabilities

Transportation management services can integrate with NetSuite to implement your unique order fulfillment workflow settings and write back relevant data to NetSuite.

ShipHawk TMS users can rate shop for the best service to meet end customer expectations When a request for rates is made, ShipHawk determines what the items are and how best to package them, then packs and rate shops them, before sending the rates back to NetSuite. These rates are provided upfront in real time, pack-optimized, and subject to rules, which customers can personalize to influence the rates being returned to NetSuite.

Depending on the item being shipped, ShipHawk can rate shop with any requested carrier, from large-scale companies that support international shipping such as UPS FedEx to regional carriers. Furthermore, ShipHawk can also determine if the order will be parcel or LTL. Another feature that can be leveraged is shipping label integration.

ShipHawk Carrier Integration: Features & Services

With many carriers offering services from parcel to freight shipping, ShipHawk has the best automated shipping solution for your business. Seamless integration means that NetSuite customers can easily access dynamic shipping rates across a plethora of carriers all on the same platform, and compare carriers based on time, cost, mode, and service level.

Even if you have internal systems in place within NetSuite to pick and pack items, you can still take advantage of NetSuite’s carrier integration feature, as shipping without picking or packing in NetSuite is supported!

Ordering & Item Fulfillment Process

ShipHawk’s Smart Packing™ algorithm ensures orders of any volume are optimally packaged into the most appropriate container and are rated across multiple carriers to find the most cost-effective match. ShipHawk helps reduce material and shipping costs by indicating when palletizing boxes and shipping with a common carrier or separating items into cartons is best.

ShipHawk integrates with NetSuite to facilitate shipments in either of two ways: as a sales order or an item fulfillment. When an order is created, NetSuite initially recognizes it as a sales order. Once the order has been confirmed, it transitions to become an item fulfillment. ShipHawk TMS is dually capable of processing orders at either stage and supports multiple types of workloads. After packing the items, ShipHawk then labels the confirmed order as a shipping order and notifies the chosen carrier that a shipment is ready.


NetSuite is the main system of record where all your data live; ShipHawk enables you to run your fulfillment operation seamlessly by integrating with NetSuite to provide complementary capabilities and an augmented shipping experience.

To learn more about how you can optimize your NetSuite experience through integrations, Contact us at ShipHawk!


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