What Kind of ROI can You Expect with Automated Item Fulfillment?
  • Janna Prowell
January 27, 2021
Posted by Janna Prowell
Janna Prowell

What Kind of ROI can You Expect with Automated Item Fulfillment?

Introducing ShipHawk’s latest series of articles. ShipHawk’s Pain Point articles use questions that our team has been asked over and over again by businesses looking for ways to optimize their fulfillment operation. First up, we’re looking at what kind of ROI an eCommerce company can expect by switching to an automated shipping software. 

When evaluating an automated shipping software, it’s crucial to consider what success would look like to your operation, and ultimately, what ROI your business can expect to achieve by implementing a new solution. 

Our team loves helping businesses discover how an automated shipping solution can help reduce their shipping costs and fulfillment times. For example, we recently spoke to an eCommerce company evaluating different shipping softwares and they explained how the ROI from a ShipHawk integration would benefit their warehouse operation and help to scale the business. With ShipHawk’s automated software, this business would be able to:

  • Reallocate four members of their staff who only put labels on boxes, freeing up $20,000 per one holiday season alone
  • Eliminate the cost of leasing DIMM weight scanners, freeing up another $25,000 per year

In this particular instance, the business would realize a ROI totaling $45,000 that they could reinvest into their business. This ROI can be used to pay for the shipping software moving forward, optimize other areas of the fulfillment operation, reallocate the headcount to different departments, or fill gaps in other areas of the business.  


Are you ready to discover the ROI that your business could realize with a ShipHawk integration? 


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