What Are The Best Shipping Options?
  • Gerrit Dickey
December 26, 2016
Posted by Gerrit Dickey

What Are The Best Shipping Options?

Whether you are doing personal shipping or shipping for a business, finding the best blanket wrap shipping options can be difficult. Every company you find online will talk about their “unbeatable carrier network” and their “commitment to customer service,” but it’s hard to know what you are getting into. You must carefully consider both the quality of each blanket wrap carrier, as well as the shipping options that they offer.

There are pros and cons to every blanket wrap carrier, but the best blanket wrap carriers in my opinion are Plycon, Ukay, Metropolitan, and Team Worldwide Blanket wrap. Even though they each have their own stipulations, I’ve found Team Worldwide to be the most reliable at this point. Ukay and Plycon will ship basically anything blanket wrap, but Plycon is better for chandeliers or anything else involving glass, as they can pick up and do custom crating. Services like this cost extra, but they do a better job of getting more fragile items safely to their destination.

In terms of the best shipping options, it is important to consider what your time is worth to you. In my opinion, the best shipping options are the ones that are low touch and reliable. Especially if you are shipping for a company with multiple shipments per day, you want the most efficient shipping options, not just the cheapest. For instance, Metropolitan blanket wrap has great rates, but they have a much higher rate of loss and damage. Although these things happen with every carrier, this tends to happen more frequently with cheaper shipping options. I’ve also had many shipments get lost in the abyss of Metropolitan’s warehouses. All it takes is one mistake switching paperwork or a label, and your shipment can be on the wrong side of the country. This is not to scare anyone away from using Metropolitan if you like working with them, but I’ve had more lost shipments and issues with them than with any other blanket wrap carrier. Another factor to consider is the reliability of shipping options. Reliable companies won’t leave you on hold for 30 minutes when you are looking for an ETA for delivery. They are also the companies that will call and leave a voicemail to schedule delivery, and then actually follow up to get the shipment delivered. Different carriers have different rates for different lanes and items, but general reliability of the company is most important. For example, even though all blanket carriers can handle a couch or bookshelf, if any special services are involved, Team Worldwide has been the most reliable for me.

Overall, the best shipping options are the ones that you can compare on a shipment by shipment basis, as the best option isn’t just one company all the time. With so many different options and requirements to consider, most people try to figure out the best shipping option through pure trial and error. However, a more efficient way to find the best blanket wrap shipping options is to compare rates through a platform like ShipHawk. Not only does ShipHawk have negotiated rates with blanket wrap carriers to provide the best shipping options, but if you have your own tariff set up with carriers, you can also stay on your own tariff and compare your rates through the ShipHawk dashboard. With the use of ShipHawk, you can now find the most most low touch, reliable and customized carrier and shipping option for your business with ease.

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