4 Reasons to Use API's in Your Supply Chain
  • Aimee Cruz
August 15, 2017
Posted by Aimee Cruz

Shipping API's and your Supply Chain

Today, how you get information is almost as important as the information you get. In the ecosystem of integrated business solutions, API’s are king. Faster rates? Better carrier options? More automated functionality? It’s easy to ask for things. Getting the results you need is the trick. ShipHawk’s API allows for a customizable, automated shipping and logistics experience. Looking for scale? New system integrations? Dev teams with high expectations?? API’s! Your team will love the control and flexibility to connect and transact with our best in class API.


Here are a few things you and your teams can accomplish with our World Class shipping APIs...

4 Reasons to Use APIs in Your Supply Chain

1. The “Oprah” of shipping functionality

“You get shipping functionality. YOU get shipping functionality. EVERYONE gets shipping functionality!” -Oprah, Probably.

While we can’t guarantee Oprah will dole out presents for everyone, we CAN guarantee our API's will connect with your cloud-based or software solution. ERP systems can add best rates for shipping. WMS software can automate pick and pack. Purchasing systems can add freight quotes with rate shopping. eCommerce sites can pull rates and service levels into their shopping carts. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have a homegrown ERP? Or are you working with an out-of-the-box solution? ShipHawk's API allows you to enable shipping functionality for any type of cloud-based or software system. Period.

2. David evens the playing field vs. Goliath

Yes, we’re talking about Amazon. We get calls and emails every day from customers trying to figure out how to compete with the big box eComm sites. What’s the silver bullet? Yup, it’s shipping. It’s clear Amazon has raised consumer expectations on shipping. Smaller eCommerce stores don’t wield the same power as the Goliaths of the world. With our API’s, customers can use the same tools as Amazon by leveraging our vast network of carriers. We also offer both parcel carriers and freight providers- allowing for a seamless shipping experience, no matter what your customers are buying.


3. Industry Buzz Words: "Automation" and "Execution"

Process shipments, print labels, paperwork, and capture details to keep shipping execution running. ShipHawk visibility brings more transparency to your logistics process. By means of automated updates, all goods are tracked: from pickup to delivery to the end customer. Delays get reported immediately, even before the customer asks. Each step gets documented. Integration takes hours, not days. No more digging through complicated documentation. No more managing communication with each carrier, either. ShipHawk takes care of that for you.

icon-api-retina-cloud.pngAll the same functionality is available through the API as our shipping web interface. Automate the batch-creation of shipping labels, compare rates across carriers, track packages, send notification emails, add insurance, address verification, and the list goes on. Unlike the APIs of individual carriers, ShipHawk’s modern-day shipping API is complemented by a comprehensive overview and developer-friendly documentation for users to get started immediately.

4. Automatic systems upgrades and carrier additions

Manual upgrades are the worst. Right? You'll receive the latest in features from ShipHawk, directly upgraded through your API connection. While some shipping software companies tout lower prices, which usually means basic carrier options, our customers know they need more. ShipHawk offers a Carrier Network with hundreds of parcel and freight carriers with many service level options with more added regularly. The best part? You won’t need to do anything to access new carriers!

What were those buzz words from the 3rd point again? Oh, yeah. Automation and Execution. Utilizing ShipHawk’s Best in Class API’s will allow you to scale and automate your business with an amazing support team behind you. Want to see how ShipHawk can help you and your team? Reach out to our sales team now.

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