TMS Solution with NetSuite Integration
  • Madison Pyle
June 01, 2023
Posted by Madison Pyle
Madison Pyle

ShipHawk TMS for NetSuite

Built for NetSuite

With NetSuite, you can focus on simplifying and streamlining your business processes, from order management to customer relationship management, from inventory to financials, and much more. In today’s marketplace, consumers now expect the products they’ve ordered to arrive in the shortest possible time, at the least possible cost. As part of your NetSuite implementation, one essential business process you need to optimize is order fulfillment: how can you manage your shipping process in the most efficient way, one that will reduce costs and exceed end customer expectations?

ShipHawk Hybrid SuiteApp for NetSuite

ShipHawk is the premier warehouse and fulfillment solution for NetSuite-connected companies. The ShipHawk Hybrid SuiteApp enables you to integrate the ShipHawk Transportation Management System (TMS) — ShipHawk’s best-in-class shipping solution — seamlessly into your NetSuite business processes.

Benefits of a NetSuite and ShipHawk TMS Integration

ShipHawk TMS is a cloud-based TMS integration for NetSuite that enables you to streamline your shipping processes by automating many manual tasks, such as shopping cart shipping automation, carrier selection, rate shopping, packing, and order tracking – all achieving increased throughput, speed and accuracy in the fulfillment process.

The benefits of integrating NetSuite with the ShipHawk TMS include:

  1. Improved Efficiency — ShipHawk TMS is built for companies running NetSuite and helps businesses optimize their fulfillment, reducing the time and effort. By automating many manual tasks, ShipHawk achieves greater efficiency and productivity for customers.
  2. Cost Savings — ShipHawk TMS integrated with NetSuite helps businesses save on shipping costs by providing real-time visibility into carrier rates and services, enabling ShipHawk’s customers to make more informed decisions about which carriers and services to use.
  3. Improved Customer Satisfaction — ShipHawk TMS provides live tracking and delivery updates, enabling businesses to provide customers with accurate and timely information about their shipments. This improves overall customer satisfaction by reducing the number of customer inquiries and complaints about delivery status or mis-shipments.

ShipHawk TMS Capabilities

By integrating NetSuite with the ShipHawk TMS, your business will have access to the same tools and efficiencies used by the largest companies in the world to meet and exceed the shipping experience expectations of customers. With a NetSuite ShipHawk TMS integration,  the capabilities you add to your business processes include:

  • ShipHawk TMS is configurable, flexible, and streamlines the shipping process.

  • ShipHawk’s Smart Packing takes item fulfillment to the next level with its ability to work alongside warehouse workers, tell them which box, carton, and pallet are best for each order, calculate final packing weights, and produce scalable workflows.

  • ShipHawk TMS is a cloud-based solution that scales with your business needs. As your business grows and expands its shipping operations, the system can accommodate those changes and provide the necessary tools and workflows to manage the increased shipping volume.

  • By tracking shipping costs and performance metrics, you can identify areas where you can reduce costs and improve efficiency. ShipHawk's TMS integration with NetSuite will help you analyze shipping data to identify opportunities for cost savings, process improvements, and error reduction.

To learn more about how the ShipHawk TMS integrates your NetSuite ERP directly with ShipHawk’s best-in-class NetSuite Shipping Software, contact ShipHawk today!



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