Software Update - December 2017
  • Christian Hirsch
January 05, 2018
Posted by Christian Hirsch

Software Update – December 2017

During the holiday season, we worked hard on a some great new features to improve your ShipHawk experience.  Here are the new software updates that we released in December:

1. Introducing Partner Portal

The partner portal is a brand new interface that parent accounts can use to manage their child accounts. Parent accounts will have the power to:

  • Add/edit new child accounts
  • Sign-in to and view all child accounts directly from the web portal
  • Enable/disable child accounts
  • Enable/disable certain carriers for child accounts
  • Assign specific tariffs to each child account
  • Set specific markups for certain carriers

2. DHL eCommerce Carrier Support

ShipHawk now supports the following for DHL eCommerce Carrier accounts:

  • Rating
  • Tracking
  • Label Generation
  • Return label generation
  • EOD manifest

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