Shipping Solutions: Which “Ship-” Ships the Best?
  • Wesley Han
January 30, 2017
Posted by Wesley Han

4 Online Shipping Solutions to Consider when Shipping

As eCommerce continues to grow, business owners look to software applications for shipping solutions to ease the complications that come with order fulfillment, tracking and managing shipments. While there are a number of online shipping solutions to choose from, options that are both versatile and user friendly seem to work the best for owners looking to manage diverse shipping needs. Below, we will compare and contrast 4 of the most popular online shipping solutions that business owners use to ship.

1. ShipHawk


Software connects to online marketplaces, shopping carts, and shipping carriers

✓ Web-based

✓ Parcel + freight

✓ Pricing based monthly on tier subscription (includes free trial)

✓ Full feature tracking and shipping automation process through advanced API

In contrast to companies that focus on add ons and integrations, ShipHawk’s solution is based off of an algorithm. A comprehensive shipping formula is utilized to add up integral variables like origin, destination, size, weight, container and compares them through hundreds of different carriers until it finds the best deal. It also gives customers accurate shipping estimates on all items and makes it easy to manage shipments at all levels. ShipHawk’s all-in-one software is ideal for business owners who work with a variety of carriers to ship both parcel and freight, oversized or unique items, as well as in large volumes.

2. Shipstation

✓ Software connects to online marketplaces, shopping carts, and shipping


✓ Web-based

✓ Parcel only

✓ Pricing based monthly on tier subscription (includes free trial)

✓ 45+ eCommerce stores integrated

Designed as a shipping solution for eCommerce retailers, this software has many features that streamline the fulfillment process. ShipStations has numerous carriers, marketplaces, and shopping carts integrated into their software. However, reviews have noted that ShipStation has trouble handling high order volumes and lacks full tracking for all carrier types.Therefore, if you are working with select carriers and not shipping in high volumes, Shipstation is an option that can ease your shipping experience with an automated system that is integrated into multiple eCommerce stores.

3. Shiplark

✓ Software connects to online marketplaces, shopping carts, and carriers

✓ Desktop software installed locally

✓ Parcel only

✓ Pricing based on how many orders downloaded per month

✓ 30+ eCommerce stores integrated

Shiplark’s software is based on multi-channel integrations that access 30+ online stores. However, unlike other shipping solutions, Shiplark is not web-based and must be set up in stores. Reviews have noted Shiplark’s difficult set-up, lag time in the interface, lack of auto-fill features for information fields, and failure to include tax in product pricing. Overall, if your main goal is to access online marketplaces, then Shiplark could be an option for you.

4. ShipWorks

✓ Download shipping information from online marketplaces, shopping carts, and

connects to shipping carriers

✓ Web-Based or Desktop application

✓ Parcel only

✓ Pricing based monthly on tier subscription

✓ 11 eCommerce stores integrated

Founded in the 2000’s and marketed as “the first software of its kind”, ShipWorks works best on Windows. Windows users have noted it’s benefits for scalability and flexibility, but reviews have also noted that ShipWorks lacks inventory management and shipping options. ShipWorks is an affordable solution if you are looking to process high volume of orders and are a consistent Windows user.

So, which “Ship-” is for you? All four shipping softwares can reduce the inconvenience of shipping, but depending on your business’s needs, some might work better than others. For instance, ShipStation, ShipHawk and Shiplark all connect to online marketplaces, shopping carts, and carriers and help with order fulfillment. However, if you are looking to ship in low volumes, and only require full tracking for select carriers, ShipStation can be the choice for you. On the other hand, if your business is mainly Windows based, ships in high volumes and doesn’t require extensive inventory management or shipping options, ShipWorks might be ideal. However, for business owners looking to ship both freight and parcel, and want an easy to use automated process that has full tracking systems for all carriers, ShipHawk might be the better option. So, figure out which “Ship-” works for you and ship away!

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