June 30, 2015
Posted by Jeremy Bodenhamer

This Unlikely Company Could Crush Amazon. . .If It Gets One Thing Right

CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Bodenhamer recently wrote a thought leadership piece about shipping challenges featured in Venture Beat:This unlikely company could crush Amazon ... if it gets one thing right

An unexpected company could be one of the few retailers to take on Amazon successfully.

"Amazon is actually losing billions on shipping each year. And as its market share grows, this number is growing —not shrinking as originally expected.In 2014, Amazon’s shipping expenses rose 31 percent to $8.7 billion, exceeding even the impressive 20 percent bump in sales the eCommerce giant enjoyed. Amazon can’t continue to lose money on shipping forever."

Read on to learn the steps Amazon needs to take to overcome their shipping challenges, and how this one, unexpected company could already be ahead of the game.

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