WATCH: See How Shipping Data and Costs Can Automatically Be Written Back into NetSuite.
  • Elyse Klein
October 05, 2023
Posted by Elyse Klein

This short video shows exactly how ShipHawk's NetSuite shipping software supports your shipping operations.


Watch how ShipHawk Netsuite shipping integration automatically writes back important shipment data and shipping costs into NetSuite

  • When booking a shipment, an item fulfillment record can quickly be updated from “picked” to “shipped” status.
  • Once the shipment is booked in ShipHawk, the record is immediately updated to “shipped” status, and the corresponding shipment fields are populated

Shipping information on the item fulfillment record can also be leveraged to:

  • Gain deeper visibility into customer-specific shipping data
  • Provide package-specific tracking information to your customer team
  • And, if using EDI processes, ShipHawk can automate it by writing back package-level information plus carton and pallet label data back to NetSuite.

For NetSuite customers seeking an advanced shipping solution with direct NetSuite shipping integration, we can help. Contact one of our experts to learn more.

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