May 28, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

ShipHawk Swoops in to Rescue Abandoned Shopping Carts

CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Bodenhamer was recently interviewed by Small Business Computing. Here’s a snippet of how ShipHawk is helping eCommerce merchants fight back against online shopping cart abandonment.


Hawk-Eyed Shipping Logistics

You can’t expect small business owners to be shipping logistics experts, at least not while they're trying to deliver excellent customer experiences and grow their eCommerce sites, Bodenhamer said. Some carriers excel at transporting certain types of parcels, while others keep their cargo containers full by offering low rates. Then there are package size and weight concerns, along with complex pricing matrices that can change at any time.

ShipHawk provides shopping cart integration, initiating and managing the shipping process from the moment shoppers place items in their carts so there are no surprises on either the part of the customer or merchant.

The company's software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering, a mix of application programming interfaces (API), online tools and a cloud-based back-end for merchants, is unique in the industry in that it's "available at the point-of-sale," he noted. It converts "online orders into shipments; it doesn't matter what the seller is selling."


From fragile knick-knacks to furniture to commercial equipment, ShipHawk takes the guesswork out of getting packages to their intended destination safely, cost-effectively and on-time, said Bodenhamer. The platform "automatically optimizes each order and matches it with the best carrier," he noted. Intelligent packing technology helps avoid shipping overages due to oversized boxes.

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