March 23, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

Proxibid Partnership Launch

ShipHawk is excited to announce its Proxibid partnership.Proxibid will be launching ShipHawk’s real-time shipping calculator for collectibles and small items on Monday, March 23rd. Online bidders will now be able to get accurate and instant shipping rates for the items they want to bid on.

After the auction closes, buyers can work directly with ShipHawk to coordinate pick-up, packaging, and shipping for the items they have won. Alternately, Proxibid sellers can go to ShipHawk’s website to coordinate shipping on behalf of their buyers.

ShipHawk provides a shipping solution for the numerous challenges Proxibid faces when it comes to shipping. According to Proxibid, 13% of all buyer feedback is related to shipping costs and 28% of all sellers receive shipping ratings below five stars.*

The partnership between ShipHawk and Proxibid will give Proxibid buyers and sellers access to estimation tools that will make the purchasing process smoother.Transparent and accessible shipping fees will lead to increased buyer activity, higher bid prices, and more positive buyer feedback. Providing an automated logistics solution will increase customer retention and satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to company growth.


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