Product Update - November 2017
  • Christian Hirsch
December 04, 2017
Posted by Christian Hirsch

Product Update - November 2017

While you were enjoying holiday meals and launching Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we were rolling out new features for your transportation management system. Here are the new updates for you to use to enhance your shipping processes.

1. Use SmartyStreets to validate PO Box addresses

SmartyStreets can now be used from the ShipHawk dashboard to automatically mark PO box addresses, in addition to street addresses. Returned rates will filter out everything besides USPS, FedEx, Smartpost, and UPS Surepost.  

2. Fulfill Orders with Speedee

Connect with Speedee via the Carrier page in the dashboard. Speedee is a parcel and freight carrier.

3. Fulfill Orders with AIT

Leverage AIT as both an LTL and Home Delivery carrier, and access AIT’s White Glove Premiere Plus service.

4. Split Orders into Multiple Shipments

Send single orders as multiple shipments. From the Order Details page, select the option to split an order, and a new order will be created with selected line items. This will create a new proposed shipment for the original order and the new order.

5. See Only the Lowest Priority Mail Rate

We’ve added the ability to set a global rating rule so that, if multiple priority mail rates are returned, we filter them down to a single rate with the lowest cost. Simply select “Combine USPS Priority Mail Types” from the Rules page of your ShipHawk dashboard.

6. Group Hazmat Attributes into Object in the Proposed Shipment Rate Response

We’ve created a new attribute called “hazmat_data,” which consolidates hazmat attributes under hazmat_data in the response. It is only shown when is_hazmat=true.

7. Push Shipments Through Essential Hub with Essential Labs

We now offer the ability to pull orders and push shipments through Essential Hub. Connect your Essential Hub account via the eCommerce Settings page in your web portal and integrate the Essential Hub API as a 3PL carrier. We store the Essential Hub API key for the account to automate your processes.

8. Enhanced Batchbook Order Workflow

Proposed shipments weren’t allowed to be created on any order with incomplete data, but we’ve made an improvement. Now, if a batch is processing an order and that order has no booked shipment and no proposed shipments, this is what will happen:

  • A new proposed shipment will be created for the order, even if data is incomplete.
  • The newly created proposed shipment triggers a valid attempt to be booked.

9. Send Tracking Info to eBay

Now, ShipHawk will automatically update orders with tracking numbers for purchases made on eBay. Multi-piece shipments are sent as master and individual piece tracking numbers.

10. Add Shipping Criteria Specific to a Carrier Type in Your Rate Response

In the past, personalized shipping criteria was limited by generic instructions across all carrier types. We’ve added the ability to specify new criteria for rating rules that target any rate type. This update looks at all rates and not just individual rates.

11. Add Updates to New Fields on External Shipments

We’ve added the ability to update the following fields on external shipments:

  • Carrier
  • Tracking number
  • Tracking updates
  • Invoice data
  • Packages
  • Shipment Line items

12. Handle High-Value Packages in a Single Order

High-value packages can now be handled as single orders. The ShipHawk system will still split High-Value packages with multiple line items.

13. Preserve Line Item Orders & Add Line Numbers to Order Line Items

We’ve created a new field of “Line Number” for Order Line Items, and it can be specified when Order Line items are sent. If the line number is not specified, we still preserve the original order that the items are in.

14. Specify UPS/ FedEx Packaging in API Rate Requests

We’ve added the ability to specify the type of packaging being used when shipping envelopes with UPS and FedEx. When the Envelope option is selected from the New Quote flow, Draft Shipments, and Proposed Shipment views, we send the package data to the carrier before returning rates to provide more accurate rate data. All you need to do is specify Carrier Container in the Items Object for the rating call.

15. Set Ship Date Rules Based on Local Time

Users can now set shipping date rules based on the local time. If an order is placed after a specified time, the shipping date can be set as the next business day. This is an account level setting that admins can access from the Shipment Settings option and users can access from the Settings page of your ShipHawk dashboard.

16. Create Proposed Shipments From Partial Order Data

We now offer the ability to create and access proposed shipments with incomplete order data. This is convenient for shippers who need to store delivery data while waiting for more information.

17. Specify a Warehouse for Proposed Shipments

We’ve added the ability to specify warehouse information on proposed shipments, as was previously available with ready shipments.

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