The Peak Season Prep You're Missing: 7 Reasons to Get Started
  • Elyse Klein
November 27, 2023
Posted by Elyse Klein

 Automating Your NetSuite Shipping Ensures Every Sales Surge is Seamless

No matter when your peak season falls, a sales spike is critical to the bottom line. Without preparation, peak season can sabotage any business.

ShipHawk’s NetSuite shipping integration and NetSuite warehouse management system (WMS) saves time, money, and critical brand reputation.

The Cost and Consequence of Doing Nothing - OR - Staying Ready

Holidays, promotions, and seasonal trends drive a spike in demand, and brands should prepare at every level. Any unexpected news bump or social media mention can also cause sales to peak. Shipping and fulfillment should be ready anytime customer demand spikes. 

$11.3 billion spent online - Cyber Monday 2022

Failing to plan can mean: 

  • Losing repeat customers
  • Spending too much on labor
  • Making poor shipping decisions 
  • Experiencing employee burnout and turnover                                         

7 Reasons to Prepare for Peak Season

  1. Meet Customer Expectations: Customers are savvy—businesses that can't meet expectations risk losing sales quickly.
  2. Maintain Brand Reputation: Maintaining brand reputation is also crucial—especially during high-demand periods—to enhance their reputation and gain customer loyalty.
  3. Avoid Unnecessary Shipping Delays: By preparing for peak season with warehouse and shipping solutions built for NetSuite, companies minimize the risk of delays and retain customer confidence. 
  4. Reduce Operational Stress & Employee Burnout: Overworked peak season staff, inventory shortages, and logistical challenges create a stressful work environment. Preparation reduces stress for employees and operations.
  5. Optimize Operations for the Entire Year: Businesses that invest in automation and technology, including a NetSuite shipping integration and NetSuite warehouse management system, streamline their processes, reduce errors, and improve efficiency year-round. Orders are fulfilled without shortages or excess inventory after the peak subsides. 
  6. Staff Strategically: Hiring and training staff in advance is essential to handle demand. Planning helps your team manage the additional workload effectively.
  7. Capitalize on Trending Revenue Opportunities: Finally, businesses that leverage trending revenue opportunities, such as seasonal or social media trends, can capitalize on revenue not available throughout the year. 

 Success = adapting and thriving during your peak season

ShipHawk understands the impact of peak season on your operations and bottom line. Custom NetSuite shipping integrations and NetSuite warehouse management solutions put you ahead of peak season. ShipHawk’s ability to integrate with your NetSuite implementation and streamline operations is simple.

All to guarantee a seamless and lucrative peak season

ShipHawk also supports and prepares your entire organization through peak season with relevant lessons learned and specific expert advice for your business. 

Get started on your planning today—we’ve interviewed experts from all areas of the supply chain and compiled their top strategies in this free peak season webinar on demand.


48% of abandoned shopping carts are due to additional costs like shipping taxes and fees.


Peak Season Case Study: Compass Coffee: 100% Accuracy with 24-hour fulfillment. Compass Coffee aimed to achieve 100% order accuracy—throughout peak season—but was unsure how to balance this with fast order fulfillment. With ShipHawk, Compass Coffee has been able to do just that, even during the high order volume days, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ready for full peak season support?

A ShipHawk NetSuite solution:

  • optimizes inventory levels 
  • automates workflows
  • makes informed shipping decisions— all leading to more profitability.

ShipHawk is ready to help you get ahead of your peak season by sharing our best lessons learned and expert advice to transform your operations.

Contact one of our NetSuite warehouse and shipping experts for insight and advice. 

Please take a moment, right now, to check out our FREE Peak Season Checklist here


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