Maximize Your Amazon Presence with Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Melody Rong
March 01, 2024
Posted by Melody Rong

What is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime? 

Whether you are the merchant or the consumer, maintaining a trusting relationship with one another will always be a top priority. Many merchants now are turning to Amazon as a selling platform that provides not only efficiency, but especially loyalty. The Amazon Seller Fulfilled  Prime (SFP) program allows sellers to ship directly from their own warehouses to domestic Prime customers, either through their own fulfillment processes or with a 3PL partner. Being part of the Amazon SFP program offers merchants the Amazon badge that reassures customers with optimal shipping and customer services.

How to qualify for SFP?

  1. Make sure you can meet the following criteria as an Amazon Prime seller to pre-qualify for the Seller Fulfilled Prime Trial.
  2. Once approved for the pre-qualification, you can register to start the Seller Fulfillment Prime trial.
  3. Participate in the Seller Fulfilled Prime trial for 30 days while following program criteria to pass and officially become an enrolled seller.
  4. Receive Prime offers by continuing to sell through SFP as per the program requirements. 
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How do you know if Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is right for you?

Navigating the complexities of Amazon’s marketplace is difficult – it’s hard to figure out what each program means and figuring out if which one is right for you. If you sell any of the following items, SFP may be the next step to optimize your business: 

  • High-value items
  • Slow-moving goods
  • Seasonal or unpredictable demand products
  • Items with variations
  • Inventory that requires special handling or preparation

The benefits of joining Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

  • Reputation Boost with the Prime Badge
    The badge is more than just a blue mark next to your products, it’s a symbol of quality and loyalty that customers have come to associate trust and credibility with all Amazon Prime products.  
  • Access to 24/7 Customer Service
    All SFP merchants and customers will be able to utilize Amazon’s trusted 24/7 after-sale customer service. This benefit maximizes your customers’ options as consumers by allowing them to track orders, submit returns, and request refunds directly from their own device.
  • Increased Inventory Control
    The SFP program allows merchants to choose from lower-priced storage options in comparison to Amazon’s other program, Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Merchants can utilize added insight into their demand and geographic distribution to optimize their fulfillment solutions.

Is Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime worth it?

The answer’s simple: it comes down to what your goals are as a merchant. The SFP program has many benefits if you’re already a multichannel merchant. Though the criteria of SFP are held to a high standard, the advantages of the program allow merchants to experience a new dimension of reliability and efficiency with Amazon. Weigh your options as an Amazon seller and see if Seller Fulfilled Prime is the right choice for you. 

To learn more about how ShipHawk can help your organization save time and money by implementing Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, contact us today.



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