June 08, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

Why We Love the Magento MageTalk Podcast

We love a few things here at ShipHawk: technology, shipping, surfing, and MageTalk. Here’s why we love listening to the MageTalk podcast and encourage any Magento aficionados to start tuning in immediately.

Awesome and Knowledgeable Hosts

Hosts Phillip Jackson and Kalen Jordan are not only massive Magento fans but also Magento experts. Phillip Jackson is one of the most certified developers in the community with 4 Magento Developer Certifications. He also holds the #2 spot in the world at the Q A site Magento StackExchange. Kalen Jordan is the founder of MageMail and is a contributor of open source modules on GitHub. Long story short, they know what they’re talking about and you’ll definitely learn something new.

Industry Updates and Insights

When running a Magento store, there are so many factors to consider. MageTalk touches on anything a Magento eCommerce store owner may encounter, including marketing, hosting, development, and shipping. Here’s a sampling of some recent topics that the guys have discussed:

  • Xtension Gallery
  • HipChat vs. Slack
  • BitCoin / Blockchain
  • SUPEE-5994 Security Update
  • EE 1.14.2 / CE
  • #TalkPay
  • Imagine 2015
  • Magento 2

Entertaining Banter

Not only is the show informative, it’s also entertaining. Let’s be honest, Magento isn’t always good times and glamour, but Phillip and Kalen definitely know how to make the Magento ecosphere interesting.

“Whenever we start the podcast, you should just pop a cold-one, Kalen. This is some quality radio.”

Their Listeners Love it Too

Not only do we love listening to MageTalk but other listeners agree—their show is both informative and entertaining, and every Magento user should tune in. Here’s a few of our favorite five star reviews, which were tough to choose from since MageTalk only has five star reviews.

From Joe Constant on MageTalk’s expertise:
Phil and Kalen are Magetastic

If you aren’t listening to MageTalk, you are truly missing out on what is going on in the Magento ecosystem.

From Jason Evans on MageTalk’s relevancy:

An Informative and Entertaining Must-Listen

I’m just learning Magento for front-end dev work, and I can’t miss an episode. It’s crucial to get in on the culture of a technology if you really want to immerse yourself and excel, and Phillip and Kalen really allow me that. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone involved or looking to get involved in Magento, who also happens to have a sense of humor.

The people have spoken and MageTalk is the podcast that everyone involved in the Magento macrocosm should be listening to. This is why ShipHawk has decided to become a sponsor of this informative and one-of-a-kind podcast. We’re incredibly excited to work with such a dynamic duo that are some of the foremost experts in the field. Make sure to head over to iTunes to subscribe to MageTalk and catch-up on previous podcasts.

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