Feature Release-January 2018
  • Simone King
February 07, 2018
Posted by Simone King


Feature release update for January 2018

We're constantly working to improve our product to make your life easier. Here's what we've released this month.

1. Alerts

We've added a new icon to the upper right hand corner of the main navigation.

  • The user will now be able to see eligible orders in a list.
An alert will be sent to a user if multiple unfulfilled orders are going to the same recipient.
  • User will also have the ability to combine said order into single order.

2. Add HTTP Basic Authentication to WebHooks

Users are now able to receive webhooks from customers that require HTTP Basic Authentication when receiving any http call.

  • When a user creates a new webhook they will have option to select ‘Use Basic Authentication’ flag.

3. New Packing Slips + Liquid Integration

Works with numerous vendors, such as the following: 

  • Home Depot
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Target
  • Ewbank

4. Support Speedee EOD Manifest

  • Sends daily shipment manifest to Speedee Delivery.

5. New rule and shipping policy to add insurance

Users can now add a new rule and shipping policy action to “add insurance or declared value”.

  • If the order/shipment meets the criteria, the insurance will then be added.

6. Add a column on the Orders list page to show the SKU name

  • The SKU name will now display alongside the SKU as a column on the order list page.

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