How to Determine if a 3PL is the Best Option for Your Business
  • Janna Prowell
August 03, 2021
Posted by Janna Prowell
Janna Prowell

How to Determine if a 3PL is the Best Option for Your Business

The process of selecting a third-party logistic partner (3PL) is often difficult to navigate. 3PL’s have a direct impact on your customer experience and therefore choosing the wrong partner can make or break your business. What’s more, it's not always clear which 3PL is best for your business or even what options business owners should be considering.

So, what’s the first step to understanding the key elements of a successful outsourcing partnership and how can you prepare to negotiate terms that will keep you in control of your fulfillment and delivery processes?  

Let’s peek into the Adapt or Die: How to Choose a 3PL Workbook for some insight.

The first question to consider is:

Another question to consider:
  • Is smarter warehousing or storage possible for your business? It’s important not to conflate a 3PL with storage space for your business because paying for a 3PL for storage is often far more expensive than leasing empty space. Determine with your outsourcing partner what needs to be immediately and frequently available, for instance, if a large product on offer is seldom purchased, consider storing it at an owned location and providing it to the 3PL on the rare occasion it’s needed.

Curious to learn more? Download the Adapt or Die 3PL Workbook today to discover more key elements and critical questions to consider to make an informed decision about outsourcing your fulfillment.

Download the 3PL Workbook

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