How to Reduce Fulfillment Errors
  • Bryan Fang
April 15, 2021
Posted by Bryan Fang

How to Reduce Fulfillment Errors

Plain and simple, you're going to need shipping software.

Manual decisions in shipping lead to mistakes. Your warehouse team is moving fast, they don't have time to evaluate each carrier and think about surcharges or manually validate each address. And that's going to cost you.

To stay competitive in today's eCommerce world, businesses must reduce errors in the fulfillment process. To do so, that means moving away from manual decision making to an automated shipping solution. It can be expensive and time consuming to implement one, but it's even more expensive and time consuming not to.

Here are a few challenges related to shipping errors that our customers experienced prior to switching to ShipHawk. If any of these resonate with you, it might be time to think about an automated solution. 

  • Incorrectly packing your products - Are you shipping orders in the wrong sized box or carton? On average, shipping boxes are 40% too large for their contents. And if your box is larger than it has to be, your shipping rates are higher than they have to be too. Unnecessarily large box = unnecessarily higher shipping cost.
  • Mis-shipments, returns and customer satisfaction - Fulfillment errors that lead to mis-shipments are impacting your bottom line. Not only are you having to pay for the returns, but you risk losing customers and creating a bad brand reputation due to those mistakes. 
  • Lack of visibility into the fulfillment process - Not being able to see into your fulfillment process means you aren’t able to see areas to improve for a scalable future. Automated shipping software provides real-time data and analytics to give you the visibility and controls to enhance internal operations and improve workflows.
  • Operations executives relying on workers to make complex shipping decisions - Expecting hourly employees to make quick decisions on orders is going to cost you money.

Do these challenges sound familiar? This may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade to an automated shipping software. 

Investing in a shipping software will not only reduce unnecessary mistakes, but will also save you money and time down the line. Relying on your team to make manual, on-the-fly choices about complex shipping decisions in the warehouse will be a challenge of the past. 

To learn more about how making the switch to an automated shipping software can reduce your fulfillment errors and help scale your business, schedule a call today with one of our team members. 


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