January 08, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

How to Pack a Chandelier

Chandeliers are extremely delicate and tend to have many small and fragile pieces. Chandeliers also come in many shapes, sizes, and materials, so packing a chandelier can be a difficult and time consuming task. In the steps below, we will walk you through how to pack a crystal chandelier specifically.

Step 1 - Setup a Clean Work Space

First, find a safe place to work. The best option is to hang chandeliers from an industrial hook that can handle the weight. If you don’t have an industrial hook, consider wrapping the chandelier where it is hanging before placing it into the box. The fixture can be damaged just by laying it on a hard surface. If you are going to lay it down, you should place it on blankets, soft carpet, bundled up clothing, a dog bed or anything else you have that can cushion the sides.

Step 2 - Photograph Your Chandelier

Before packing, always photograph your items. It is recommended to photograph any pre-existing damage. In the event that your chandelier disappears or is damaged in transit, the photos will be valuable evidence to support your claim.

Step 3 - Padding and Cushion

Once you have your chandelier in a safe spot, you want to pinpoint the sensitive areas. Sharp places should be padded with thick foam. If you don't have foam you can use cardboard and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is also good for non-sharp areas that might be sensitive to breaking, scratching, or bending.

Pay special attention to the top and bottom of the chandelier. This is where most of the weight and pressure will be. For crated chandeliers, hanging it from a wooden rod will reduce the risk of top or bottom damage.

Step 4 - Pad All the Way Around

Continue the padding process all the way around the chandelier. After you have bubble wrapped sensitive sections you might have to reinforce the bubble wrap with foam or cardboard. Backing up bubble wrap is important because it can easily be poked and if it loses its compressed air, it is worthless.

Step 5 - Box the Chandelier

Find a box that is at least 3” bigger than all sides of your chandelier. You’ll need double or triple walled corrugated box that is large enough for foam on the top and bottom, and plenty of space around the chandelier for packing peanuts. Make sure to use a sufficient amount of tape to seal the bottom of the box tightly shut

Step 6 - Address the Negative Space

Some items can't handle negative space and require void fill. Most chandeliers fit into this category and it is important to make sure it does not shift during transit. This can be a challenge if the fixture has small pieces that vary in size and are not conducive to bracing.

Place a piece of foam on the bottom of the box and hold the chandelier so it is barely touching the foam. Ask a friend to gently place packing peanuts into the box so that the chandelier is completely surrounded. Place another piece of foam on top of the chandelier and make sure the chandelier is held firmly in place.

Close the box and seal all of the edges securely. Your package will get tipped end over end while it is in transit. You never know which end will be delivered up. So don't count on the "Keep Upright" stickers to do the job. Take the necessary precautions and make sure both top and bottom are especially padded.

Final Step: Choose a Carrier and Insure Your Chandelier Shipment 

It is vital for the safety of your chandelier to choose a reliable, experienced carrier. Despite this important decision, accidents can still happen in the shipping and transportation industry. Insuring your package through your chosen carrier helps to safeguard yourself against any possible misfortune that could occur during transit. Just be aware of carrier's insurance policies- they tend to be very tricky to deal with, so make sure to read the fine print.

If you are a retailer or company that specializes in second-hand goods and are in search of a solution for shipping chandeliers or any other fragile items, please reach out to us at contact@shiphawk.com where one of our specialists would be happy to help.


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