How To Get the Best Shipping Rates in NetSuite
  • Michael Stivers
August 28, 2023
Posted by Michael Stivers
Michael Stivers

Your business is crucially dependent on how efficiently and effectively you create and fulfill sales orders. 

Completing Sales Orders in NetSuite

As a hard-working salesperson or sales order entry clerk, you have the challenging task of rapidly and accurately entering orders, sometimes under pressure while communicating directly with customers to coordinate and confirm all the details, including identifying shipping costs and setting delivery expectations.

For businesses running NetSuite, when you are working with a customer to create a sales order, you typically select Opportunities > Transactions > Sales Orders > New, and enter all the necessary details on the main screen and the many tabs (Items, Shipping, Billing, and so on) to complete the order. An essential step before moving forward is to complete the sales order’s Shipping tab, which includes the shipping date, carrier, method, cost, and more. But how quickly can you complete the Shipping tab with the best shipping rates?

How Are You Rate Shopping Today?

If you don’t have the right multi-carrier rate shopping solution for NetSuite in place, finding the best shipping rates can be a difficult, time-consuming process. 

You might need to call over to the warehouse or fulfillment center to get a quote for the shipping cost for some carrier, and that could take a day or two. You might need to go to various shipping carrier websites and figure out the best service and cost. You might have a more automated solution for getting shipping rates, but it could require you to step out of NetSuite and go over to other platforms and systems to get what you need to complete the Shipping tab. 

And in all these situations, you will have some manual data entry to do, which increases the possibility of error. 

Meanwhile, your customers are waiting to know what the shipping cost will be, who the shipping carrier (and service level) will be, how can they track their order, and most importantly, when can they expect to receive it?

Multi-Carrier Shipping Rates in NetSuite

What you need is dynamic, real-time, rules-based, multi-carrier shipping rates immediately available where you are working within NetSuite, right where you need them. 

ShipHawk provides exactly this capability for NetSuite. With ShipHawk, you can simply click the Get ShipHawk Rates button. There’s no need for you to jump around between NetSuite and other platforms. ShipHawk will automatically get all of your negotiated rates using our rate shop logic for all the carriers and their services. 

The shipping rates offered are based on the pre-configured rating rules and carrier preferences for your business. You can then select the best choice right away, all while in communication with your customer. The Shipping tab fields are completed for you. With ShipHawk, you can complete all the steps needed to use the best shipping rates within two clicks as part of your workflow in NetSuite.

Get the Best Shipping Rates in NetSuite

The ShipHawk SuiteApp for NetSuite is designed for NetSuite-based businesses that want to process orders faster, cheaper, and accurately. ShipHawk seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to streamline the order fulfillment process. ShipHawk pulls order details from NetSuite, finds the lowest carrier cost while meeting shipping requirements, and then automatically writes the order and carrier details back into NetSuite. To learn more about how you can optimize your NetSuite shipping experience, Contact us at ShipHawk!

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