How Retrospec Increased Shipping Efficiency and Reduced Order Processing Times
  • Claire Eastburn
June 30, 2022
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To continue delivering a world-class customer experience from purchase to arrival at customers’ doorstep, Retrospec needed a shipping software that would help improve their shipping efficiency so they could get more orders out the door. 

As most customers place an order and eagerly refresh the page to see their order status, Retrospec wanted to provide a lightning-fast fulfillment process to keep their customers satisfied and coming back for more— that’s where ShipHawk comes in. 

ShipHawk’s automated shipping software enabled Retrospec to improve its shipping operation so it could continue to deliver a great customer experience and scale the business. Read on to find out how ShipHawk helped Retrospec increase shipping efficiency in the warehouse and reduce order processing times. 

Who is Retrospec?

Retrospec expertly designs and durably crafts, accessibly-priced gear for the weekend vacationer and outdoor reveler. Retrospec’s products range from pastel-colored moto-style electric bikes to maple and bamboo-crafted longboards to inflatable paddle boards to lightweight snowshoes. Their products are next-level gear for the adventure trailblazers and nature lovers going off the literal beaten path. They’ve catered to millions of ecstatic customers to help them get the most out of their outdoor adventures.

Retrospec’s Order Fulfillment Bottleneck

Bike sales skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic as millions of people were unable to participate in their routine indoor workouts. Looking for ways to enjoy exercise outdoors and improve their mental health, bikes, and outdoor fitness equipment were suddenly all that consumers wanted. Retrospec seized this opportunity by serving their network of almost 500 dealers as well as Amazon customers but soon discovered that their manual packing operations were hindering order throughput and overall shipping efficiency. As a result, their customers’ experience started to be negatively impacted leading Retrospec to look for a new shipping solution.

How ShipHawk Helped Retrospec Improve Their Order Fulfillment Process

Retrospec was looking for a shipping solution that had several features including the ability to automatically rate shop, bulk print shipping labels, and reduce the need for manual decision-making in the warehouse. Here’s an in-depth look at how each of these aspects improved with the help of ShipHawk’s centralized shipping and fulfillment solution. 

Improved Rate Shopping

ShipHawk’s automated rate shopping tool compares carrier rates to guarantee every order is shipped at the most cost-effective rate while still meeting customers’ expectations. With automatic rate shopping, Retrospec’s picking and packing processes became much faster because the warehouse team no longer had to manually rate shop. Overall, having the ability to rate shop before an order is even picked saves Retrospec time and money, reduces the need for manual decision-making, and simplifies their shipping process.

Bulk Printing Shipping Labels

Retrospec needed a solution with the ability to bulk print shipping labels. Despite their pickers being able to keep up with the flow of orders, when pre-packaged items reached the pack-table, the fulfillment process was stalled because they didn’t have the ability to bulk print. ShipHawk’s automated batch label printing has given Retrospec the ability to print bulk labels eliminating delays at the pack-table and increasing overall operational efficiency. 

Eliminating Manual Steps

ShipHawk's automated shipping software eliminates manual steps throughout the stages of an order. Retrospec needed help reducing reliance on manual-decision making specifically in the pick, pack, and ship stages. With features like automated rate shopping and bulk label printing, Retrospec was able to remove time-consuming manual tasks and in doing so reduce shipping errors resulting in a more efficient and accurate shipping operation.

How ShipHawk’s Direct NetSuite Integration Helped Streamline Retrospec’s Fulfillment Process

Another factor contributing to Retrospec’s success with ShipHawk is the solution’s direct integration with NetSuite. Retrospec’s order processing time was significantly reduced because ShipHawk’s ability to process orders within the platform and then automatically push completed shipment data into NetSuite. Not only does ShipHawk’s direct integration with Retrospec’s ERP save time in their shipping process — but it also allowed them to maintain real-time visibility of each order.

Learn More About the ShipHawk Difference

ShipHawk offers advanced warehouse and fulfillment automation solutions with expert guidance to help companies scale with speed and accuracy. ShipHawk gives businesses control and visibility of their warehouse and the ability to meet their use cases and eliminate manual processes, increasing throughput and reducing costs

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