How Redcat Racing Increased Order Accuracy to Near 100%
  • Claire Eastburn
August 03, 2022
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Claire Eastburn
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In today’s marketplace, providing a positive customer experience is a key component to business success and growth. The shipping process is often overlooked as an opportunity to positively impact customer sentiment, but it’s critical for eCommerce businesses to recognize that what happens behind the buy button™ impacts the customer experience. 

Aware of how the customer experience can make or break customer relations, Redcat Racing switched from their previous shipping software, which didn’t have a direct NetSuite integration, to ShipHawk’s automated shipping software. Read on to learn how ShipHawk helped Redcat improve their order accuracy to nearly 100%.

Who is Redcat Racing?

Redcat Racing first opened its doors in 2005 and sells a variety of expertly crafted remote-control cars, trucks, parts, accessories, and kits direct to consumers. They feature vehicles with a touch of nostalgia like their 1964 Chevrolet Impala Hopping Lowrider, available in colors like green kandy, chrome edition, and a classic red, as well as high-performance RC buggies that are perfect for racing across any terrain. Hobbyists, collectors, and RC racing enthusiasts rely on Redcat’s selection of RC cars for endless fun.


Redcat’s Manual Order Processing Impacted the Customers’ Experience

Prior to a relationship with ShipHawk, Redcat Racing had a manual order process that required the Order Picker to collect the item, pack it, write down the box size and weight, then send the box down to the employee printing the packing slips, often resulting in slow processing speeds and incorrect orders being shipped to customers. These types of errors caused by heavy reliance on manual processes in the warehouse can lead to a negative customer experience. As Mike Friery, Director of Operations at Redcat puts it, “When you’re shipping the wrong items to customers it makes you look really cheap.” It was clear that Redcat needed an automated shipping solution that directly integrated with its ERP that would minimize its dependence on manual decision-making and improve order accuracy.

Errors and Inefficiencies Lead to Slow Order Processing Times

There are a lot of steps that occur between the point when a customer clicks the buy button to when the package arrives on their doorstep. This is why it’s critical for eCommerce companies to focus on improving the world behind the buy button™ to deliver a seamless customer experience. Unfortunately for Redcat, the errors and inefficiencies caused by their former pick, pack, and ship system were not only impacting their bottom line but their ordering processing times as well.

When Redcat Racing was searching for a shipping solution - it was important that they found a solution that not only minimizes shipping errors but had features like packing optimization and multi-carrier rate shopping to further reduce order processing times.

Combining NetSuite with Shipping Software that is not Directly Integrated Presents a Challenge

Like many eCommerce companies, Redcat Racing was experiencing trouble within its shipping operation because its shipping software was not directly integrated with its ERP, NetSuite. Without a directly integrated shipping software, Redcat’s shipping process was clunky and inefficient. In fact, many of the shipping errors and process delays mentioned above were caused by using a non-integrated NetSuite shipping software. For example, when Redcat was using their previous software, their warehouse staff would have to wait around for shipping labels to load in NetSuite. With a directly integrated software, like ShipHawk – order details from NetSuite automatically sync over into ShipHawk and when a shipment is created, labels can be printed immediately – no waiting around.

ShipHawk’s Direct NetSuite Integration Helps to Improve Order Accuracy and Increase Efficiency

Redcat Racing’s order accuracy and operational efficiency dramatically improved once they began utilizing ShipHawk’s automated shipping software with a direct NetSuite integration. By making this shift, Redcat Racing was able to shave ten seconds per shipment off their processing time as a result of the seamless sync between NetSuite and ShipHawk. While ten seconds doesn’t seem like much – with Redcat’s 6,000 monthly order volume, that wasted time was impacting their bottom line. Now, with help from ShipHawk, Redcat was able to double their order throughput which means more orders out the door and happy customers. 

Additionally, ShipHawk’s tight NetSuite integration helped improve Redcat’s order accuracy to nearly 100%. The Redcat warehouse team no longer has to worry about manually entering order information or waiting on order data to load to print labels. Now Redcat has complete confidence that every shipment is packed correctly, in the most optimal box, and delivered to the right customer.

See the Impact ShipHawk can Have on Your Order Accuracy!

Companies often have one shot to make a good first impression on a customer, which is why order accuracy is imperative for business growth and success. Remove human error and improve your customers’ experience with ShipHawk’s automated shipping software. Ready to get started on updating your world behind the buy button to scale your business?



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