January 07, 2015
Posted by Jeremy Bodenhamer

Goodbye Logistics; Hello ShipHawk

Welcome to the ShipHawk blog. In this section, you will find valuable information about the shipping and logistics industry, ShipHawk company news and updates, and other interesting articles written from my perspective as the CEO of a thriving tech start-up located in sunny Santa Barbara, CA.

The first question anyone spending time writing a blog should answer is "why write a blog?” For me, the answer is simple. To make life easier for you, specifically as it relates to the world of transportation and logistics.

I hate that word,“logistics.” People don't know what logistics means. Leno should do one of his sidewalk interviews for shipping jargon. It probably wouldn’t be funny though because even the audience wouldn’t know the answers. I find it amusing that of all companies, it was UPS who chose the tagline, “We Love Logistics” since they are the only shipping company- that I know of at least- that is the focal point of a stand-up comedy routine poking fun at their overuse of industry jargon. Here it is. It’s definitely worth watching.

Back to the point. Shipping is a nightmare. It is complicated, opaque, and hard to access. Brian does a great job of illustrating the frustrations of the occasional shipper in his routine, but hard-to-decipher protocol and outdated pricing models wreak havoc on the businesses as well. ShipHawk is here to change all that. Through outstanding service and technology, our products change the way people interact with the shipping industry for the better.

Chances are, shipping is not your business, but you probably spend an unjustifiable amount of time and money on it. And if you were to calculate your true cost, it would probably depress you. The fact is, businesses shouldn’t have to focus on shipping, they should be able to spend their time improving existing products and creating new ones.

This is the blog that will help you do just that: find answers, remove obstacles, improve conversion rates, reduce costs, and understand what is going on in the wild world of shipping. Say goodbye to the chaos of logistics and say hello to ShipHawk. 

To say hello to ShipHawk, contact sales@shiphawk.com or request a demo.


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