October 29, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

3 Ways Shipping Can Improve Furniture Retailers’ Margins

CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Bodenhamer recently wrote an industry thought piece published in Furniture World on how shipping can helps furniture retailers'

“Furniture retailers are always searching for ways to improve their top line revenue and transaction margins. The three main levers at their disposal—price, cost of goods, and shipping cost—can combine to either make or break the profitability of each transaction. As consumers become more sophisticated in their path to purchase, from “showrooming” within brick-and-mortar stores to conducting extensive price comparison online across retailers, businesses are losing the ability to drive profitability through pricing alone . . .

Understanding your true shipping costs, optimizing the cost/service tradeoffs within your business, and streamlining your logistics processes can have a significant positive impact to your bottom line. Below are three ways furniture retailers can use shipping as a strategic tool to improve their margins.”

Read on to learn how CEO, Jeremy Bodenhamer, says furniture retailers can improve their margins with shipping.

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