Fulfillment & Shipping Module for NetSuite Growth
  • Michael Stivers
June 15, 2023
Posted by Michael Stivers
Michael Stivers

How a Fulfillment and Shipping Module for NetSuite Enables Growth

NetSuite offers an extensive and flexible range of capabilities for running a growing company. With NetSuite and a supporting ecosystem of modules and solutions, you can easily scale your business and adapt your processes to growth. Companies that choose NetSuite as their ERP solution also need a fully integrated, cloud-based, best-in-class fulfillment and shipping module for NetSuite. These companies are looking for a NetSuite-connected module or app that can provide them with best-in-class fulfillment and shipping, enabling an optimal customer experience while also optimizing pick, pack, and ship processes, all fully synchronized with NetSuite. Perfectly matched to the needs of NetSuite business enterprises is ShipHawk. ShipHawk is a fully cloud-based solution designed for NetSuite fulfillment and shipping.

ShipHawk for NetSuite

ShipHawk focuses on automating and improving the world behind the buy button™ and giving businesses access to the same tools and efficiencies used by the largest companies in the world. ShipHawk works with high-volume retail, wholesale, and eCommerce companies using NetSuite. ShipHawk delivers much more than warehouse and fulfillment solutions. We deliver skilled industry expertise to dramatically improve your operations and outcomes. We do this by understanding your business and offering practical automation and efficiencies that can save time, decrease costs and improve labor complexities.

ShipHawk Shipping System for NetSuite

ShipHawk shipping system for NetSuite is multi-carrier shipping software that centralizes both parcel and less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers into one system, making it easy to scale as your business grows. You won’t get caught up in manual data entry and jumping from carrier portal to carrier portal. With ShipHawk, optimize routing across carriers, services, and modes to get the lowest-cost option while meeting delivery expectations.

Not only that, but ShipHawk's Smart Packing™ algorithm selects the right pallet or carton for each order and calculates the final packed weight and dimensions in real-time. This ensures accurate packing and shipping rates, reduces packing materials, and selects the smallest box that meets carrier standards to reduce your box usage.

With all carriers in one platform, NetSuite customers can easily access dynamic shipping rates and compare carriers based on time, cost, mode, and service level. Plus, with customizable rating rules that don't require IT development, there are no errors, no human decision-making, and no static logic.

To learn more about ShipHawk TMS, contact us today.

ShipHawk WMS for NetSuite

ShipHawk WMS for NetSuite improves warehouse inventory accuracy with advanced cycle counting, assures order accuracy with dynamic scan-pack verification, and complies with EDI labeling and cartonization, and customer-branded documentation and packing requirements. Moreover, it optimizes inventory receipt, putaway, and placement, and reduces inventory handling, minimizes travel in the warehouse, and eliminates exceptions to increase your team's throughput and efficiency. 

To learn more about ShipHawk WMS, contact us today.

Benefits of ShipHawk for NetSuite

Among the benefits of ShipHawk for NetSuite are:

  • You can combine a WMS and TMS solution in one solution
  • Increase warehouse inventory accuracy and order integrity
  • Intuitive receiving and directed putaway
  • Adaptive, omnichannel picking
  • Focused and directed cycle counting
  • Process parcel and LTL shipments in one platform
  • Every order is packed in the right box 
  • Eliminate manual decisions in the warehouse 
  • Configurable business rules without IT development 
  • Calculate shipping prices within the NetSuite sales order 
  • Reduce order fulfillment times
  • Substantially reduce your shipping costs and scale your business without adding headcount 
  • Leverage data and flexible pack/ship station configuration to process orders faster
  • Automate shipping documents and label printing 

ShipHawk SuiteApp for NetSuite

ShipHawk's highly rated SuiteApp for NetSuite offers a comprehensive shipping and fulfillment module that seamlessly integrates with NetSuite, streamlining the order processing workflow. By automating manual processes, selecting the most cost-effective shipping carrier, and writing all necessary details back into NetSuite, ShipHawk eliminates manual tasks and boosts efficiency.  

To learn more about ShipHawk for NetSuite fulfillment and shipping, reach out to us!



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