How to Find the Best Shipping Method
  • Josef Lipp
February 05, 2017
Posted by Josef Lipp

How to Find the Best Shipping Method

Is it an antique armoire? How about an industrial washing machine or a high value piece of technology? No matter what item it is, at one point in time, it had to be shipped. Finding the best shipping method for your goods can be extremely difficult. Here are a few factors to consider to make shipping a little easier.


Packaging Type- The first thing to consider when shipping is the packing type. Is your item unpacked? Is it crated or palletized? Is it in a carton or box? Depending on your answer to these questions there is a long list of carrier options:

  • Unpackaged- Most commonly for unpackaged items you need to utilize a blanket wrap or pad wrap carrier. This carrier will wrap the item onsite with moving blankets to protect it in transit. Examples include: Plycon, STI
  • Crated or Palletized- If your item is too large or heavy to be packaged in a standard carton or box, it is likely crated or palletized. If so, the best shipping method is likely an LTL (less than truckload) carrier. Examples include: R+L, YRC
  • Boxed or cartonized- The majority of shipments fall within these packaging types. These are generally shipments that weigh less than 150 lbs and can safely fit in a corrugated cardboard box. Examples include: USPS, UPS, FedEx

Carrier Service Type- Depending on what the end recipient of your shipment is expecting, there are different service levels to consider when selecting the best shipping method.

  • Business to business- For B2B or “dock to dock” shipments, your best shipping option will typically be LTL.Best Shipping Methods
  • Delivery to a residence- Depending on your packaging type, there are different options when selecting the best shipping method to a residence. Your best option is to use a parcel carrier like USPS, FedEx or UPS. If your package is too large, LTL shipping can be done, but be sure to note a residential and liftgate delivery for the carrier.
  • White glove delivery- If your item is unpacked and going to a residence, or if you need your shipment to make it all the way to the room of choice of the recipient, white glove shipping is a great shipping method. Most blanket wrap shipments include white glove delivery to the room of choice. Many retailers who sell furniture, appliances or exercise equipment utilize white glove services from LTL carriers or third parties to enhance their customer's experience.

By taking into consideration what you are shipping and who you want to ship it, you will often find several options to suit your needs. By utilizing ShipHawk and our easy-to-use rating software, you will be able to identify the best packaging type, service level and carrier to suit your needs.

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