Feature Release - February 2018
  • Simone King
March 09, 2018
Posted by Simone King

Feature Release Update for February 2018

At ShipHawk, we're constantly working toward improving our product to make your life easier.  Here are our updates and new releases for the month of February 2018.  

1. OnTrac Tacking Updates 

  • Updates have been made to the tracking schedule

2. Add Support of Carrier Containers for Shipment's Import 

  • New column has been added to the shipment import template

3. P.O. Box Address Validation 

  • Added an account level setting for P.O. Box address validation
  • Added the ability to properly filter out invalid carriers and services

4. Create Notes If Sent in with an Order

  • User is now able to send in notes on the orginal order creation
If you have any questions about this month's updates and new releases, talk to a ShipHawk expert today



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