Feature Release - September 2017
  • Christian Hirsch
October 05, 2017
Posted by Christian Hirsch

Feature Release – September 2017

We're constantly working to improve our product to make your life easier. Here's what we've released this month.

1. Book and print proposed order history shipments in bulk

You now have the ability to bulk book proposed shipments from the web portal.

  • Group multiple orders into a batch job with a unique id.
  • Batch jobs will have different statuses as orders transition from "In Progress" to "Complete."
  • The updated Action Menu allows functions such as bulk label printing.

2. Add shipping policy action to assign warehouse to an order

Create a shipping policy action that will assign a warehouse based on the given criteria. A list of available warehouses is visible when the action is selected.

3. Place an order ‘On Hold'

We now support the ability to place one or multiple orders on a “Hold” status and you can specify the date to resume order processing.

4. Specify shipment line items through the new quote flow

Generate custom packing slips and commercial invoices with detailed product data - this was previously only available via orders.

5. New order import and export capabilities

  • Import new order list CSV.
  • Generate and export reports with proper error validations for failed order imports.

6. Specify currency type in rate requests

Specify a currency type when getting rates for international shipment and pass currency_code with rate request. The price returned will be in the requested currency type.

7. New combined order features

  • Quickly combine any orders you want.
  • Specify which order you want to use as the master order.
  • Add order line items to a master order and the non-master orders will be deleted after combination.

8. Create barcodes for each box for my preset packages list

We now support the ability to create a Scan > Scan > Print workflow.

1. Create custom boxes in the packages presets.

2. Scan proposed shipments with a bar code reader to populate the dimensions within ShipHawk.

3. Generate 8.5 X 11 PDF with bar codes for all boxes.

9. Master Pick Ticket

Select a group of orders and create one PDF for all items that need to be picked for all orders selected.

  • Decide if you want a combined master pick or all the individual Pick Tickets for each order action when printing Pick Tickets
  • Available as a batch action

If you want to learn more about how ShipHawk can help you scale your eCommerce and brick and mortar shipping, reach out to a transportation specialist today.

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