Fast, Accurate & Easy Weight and Dimension Capture - Announcing ShipHawk Dimensioner
  • Alex Kemp
March 04, 2024
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Having accurate weights, dimensions (dims) and images of products is a critical component of optimizing fulfillment processes and often companies struggle with no weights and dimensions, partial weights and dimensions or they receive them from their suppliers with varying levels of accuracy and confidence in those measurements.

To accurately capture weights and dimensions, companies were historically left with two options: manual capture through warehouse associates or complex, cumbersome and costly legacy dimensioner devices.

Now, enter ShipHawk Dimensioner, the latest addition to ShipHawk's suite of solutions, revolutionizing how weights, dimensions, and images are captured and utilized in improving fulfillment operations.

ShipHawk Dimensioner offers a modern and cost-effective method of swiftly capturing vital data and seamlessly integrating it with a customer's ERP system. This innovative handheld device simplifies what was once a labor-intensive and error-prone task, providing a streamlined solution.

Manual Capture or Legacy Solutions?

Manual measurement processes can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and disruptive to warehouse operations. Imagine the laborious task of manually measuring and weighing every item in your inventory—it could take months, leading to operational inefficiencies and potential data errors. 

Alternatively, companies can invest in very costly and cumbersome systems from legacy providers that often do not get utilized because they are not user-friendly.

As a result many companies have no or unreliable weights and dimensions which block gaining operational efficiency. 

How ShipHawk Dimensioner Functions

ShipHawk Dimensioner addresses these challenges in three easy steps: 

  1. Instant Dimension Capture: Advanced sensors swiftly capture dimensions for both cube and irregular shapes, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Integrated Weight Capture: Seamlessly integrating with scales, ShipHawk Dimensioner captures weights within the same workflow, eliminating the need for separate processes.
  3. Automated Data Updates: The captured weight and dimensions are seamlessly transmitted to your ERP system, where it can be leveraged in ShipHawk's Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). This automated update ensures that your data remains accurate and up-to-date, leading to optimized warehouse efficiency and reduced shipping costs.

Unlocking Operational Efficiency

ShipHawk Dimensioner isn't just about automating manual tasks—it's about unlocking operational efficiency across the entire fulfillment process. By streamlining receiving, picking, packing, and shipping processes, businesses can save valuable time and resources. Key benefits include:

  • Reductions in Shipping Costs: By leveraging accurate dimensional shipping rates and cartonization functionality, businesses can achieve significant reductions in shipping costs.
  • Time Savings: Rapid weight, dimension, and image capture save thousands of labor hours, allowing businesses to focus on core operations and strategic initiatives.
  • Optimized Cube Utilization: ShipHawk Dimensioner helps optimize storage, putaway, slotting, and cube utilization in the warehouse, maximizing space and efficiency

ShipHawk Dimensioners: A Game-Changer

ShipHawk's handheld dimensioner changes the game by providing customers a fast method of capturing data that unlocks reduced shipping costs and better cube utilization in the warehouse. This game-changing solution empowers businesses to make informed decisions, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth.

In addition to ShipHawk Dimensioner, ShipHawk offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions, including WMS, Advanced Shipping, In-Cart Rating, and Freight and Parcel Audit. With ShipHawk, businesses can navigate the complexities of logistics with confidence and efficiency.

To learn more about ShipHawk and how ShipHawk Dimensioner can transform your fulfillment processes, visit ShipHawk's website and register for our upcoming webinar here.

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