Maximize Sales During Peak Season: A Prep Guide for Shipping and WMS
  • Elyse Klein
December 04, 2023
Posted by Elyse Klein

Some easy advance work now helps you avoid common pitfalls later

If your business uses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, you’re aware of the significant time and cost savings it delivers. However, peak season can disrupt even the best-laid ERP plans. 

Whenever your peak season occurs, business success hinges on how smoothly you adapt to surges  in sales.

Don't let the busy weeks turn into a nightmare for your company. ShipHawk's ERP shipping integration and ERP warehouse management system (WMS) offer a proven lifeline that can save your team time and money and also protect your valuable brand reputation. 

Because shipping and fulfillment should be ready anytime customer demand spikes.


87 million people shopped online during Black Friday 2022 


1. Don’t be caught off-guard

In sales, being prepared for all scenarios is crucial to success. Failing to do so can result in dire consequences, including:

  • Lost Repeat Customers: Failing to meet customer expectations during peak seasons can result in a loss of loyal customers, damaging your long-term prospects.
  • Excessive Labor Costs: Without efficient systems in place, you may end up overspending on labor to keep up with the surge in orders.
  • Poor Peak Season Shipping Decisions: In the rush to fulfill orders, poor shipping decisions result in costly errors and unhappy customers. 
  • Employee Burnout and Turnover: A hectic peak season leads to employee burnout, causing a higher turnover rate and operational disruptions. 

2. Follow the Formula for Peak Season Success: Preparation + Adaptation

ShipHawk knows maximizing your business's profitability during peak seasons is crucial, but don’t wait until the last minute. ShipHawk has already done the legwork for you. In fact, we’ve assembled the insight of experts from various areas of the supply chain and compiled their top strategies in a free, on-demand peak-season webinar.

ShipHawk doesn't stop at just offering technical solutions. We also provide valuable support and guidance to your entire organization, equipping you with essential knowledge. Using lessons learned and expert advice tailored to your specific business needs, ShipHawk ensures your entire team is well-prepared and ready for every peak season challenge:


 Here’s a sampling of the Peak Season questions ShipHawk knows how to tackle: 


  • Do you have accurate counts and accurate projections for inventory? 


  • How many people and hours does fulfillment take, and what happens as order volume increases?


  • Do you have enough space to process the increased order volume? 


  • Do you have a process where you can quickly pivot to new delivery options and carriers?

 3. Get a Head Start on Your Peak Season Planning, Today

ShipHawk's automated ERP shipping and valuable insights empower you to thrive during critical periods of high demand.

ShipHawk provides: 

  • Tailored solutions aligned with the impact of these high-demand periods on your operations. 
  • Custom warehouse management solutions and shipping integrations help you fully prepare for the challenges that come with peak season. 
  • The process is simple and effortless, enabling a smooth and profitable peak season.

Contact one of our warehouse and shipping experts for insight and advice.


 Take a moment, right now, to check out our FREE Peak Season Checklist here: 

 Are you ready for Peak Season? This checklist has the questions you should ask as you gear up for the holiday season.


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