Checklist: Do you Have an Easy to Use Warehouse Management System (WMS)?
  • Ron Riggin
December 14, 2023
Posted by Ron Riggin

To achieve success in warehouse management and maintain high employee morale, simplicity should be a guiding force.

In warehouse management, "easy to use" can be a high-value game-changer for safety, employee retention, career growth, and empowerment

It’s important to consider what to look for in a top-notch WMS integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs). Here are essential questions to ask.  

Are you safely guiding the warehouse process with navigation?

From the earliest days of Warehouse Management Systems, "transactional execution" has been key. Shop floor operations and shipping require step-by-step guidance and validation to carry out tasks.

Yet, as technology has revolutionized the supply chain, we can see that experiences that are too "desktop-oriented" can lead to shop floor confusion, stress, and decreased productivity. There’s a big difference between operating a forklift while using a WMS app and analyzing data in an office. Just as we don't interact with our mobile phones while driving, we should question the safety of operating a forklift while using an app.

Are you streamlining the shop floor experience?

The "shop floor" experience should be thoughtfully designed to guide users through every workflow step. Much like a GPS navigation app directs drivers while adapting to road closures or missed turns, the WMS process should adjust for unexpected events or changes. 

At ShipHawk, we believe there's a balance that provides the best user experience for mobile "shop floor" operators by incorporating the transactional approach with modern technologies.

Is your WMS following this guideline: simple, intuitive, adaptive, and transactional?

As businesses expand, utilizing WMSs has become more accessible and affordable, but ensuring these systems don't frustrate employees is vital. 

The ultimate goal is a simple, intuitive, adaptive, and transactional system. (Pro tip: It's also crucial to establish methods for consistent evaluation, regular auditing, and system upgrades.)

With ShipHawk's WMS systems integrated with ERPs, companies can create engaging, up-to-date, and modern experiences that are pivotal in maintaining a motivated workforce for growth.

 Are you empowering your workforce to grow?

By embracing highly user-friendly WMS solutions, businesses can boost operational efficiency and empower employees to pursue exciting career growth opportunities. 

Employees with an easy-to-use WMS often work more efficiently, accurately, and autonomously. They become owners of their tasks, allowing them to focus on what matters.

The "ownership" over the application is also critical for workforce retention and success. Employees who embrace and "own" their WMS solutions become mentors and advocates for their peers, reinforcing empowerment. 

Signs your employees are engaging well with your WMS: 

  • Employees should be curious to understand the technology and its settings and seek to create new workflows. 
  • Employee curiosity and initiative should directly translate into career advancement, with team members progressing from operators to team leads, subject matter experts, application administrators, and even IT leads.

The future of supply chain warehouse management is bright as developers and organizations aim to keep WMS simple and intuitive, paving the way for limitless potential and growth for employees and organizations. Ready to explore the possibilities? Schedule a call with us now and unlock the future of efficient warehouse management!

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