January 12, 2016
Posted by Alicia Baumann

Distribution Data

CEO and Co-Founder Jeremy Bodenhamer recently wrote an industry thought piece published in Multichannel Merchant on how online retailers can use fulfillment data to their advantage: 6 Ways to Make Your Distribution Data Work for You.

Customer expectations for shipping are changing faster than ever. With the advent of Amazon Prime, accurate delivery timeslots and detailed tracking information are becoming the norm for multichannel retailers of all sizes. While giants such as Amazon and Walmart can afford to spend seemingly endless resources to cater to customers’ evolving preferences, most retailers (especially independent stores) are at a loss as to the best way to use logistics tools to maximize their ecommerce sales and grow loyalty with customers.

Yet retailers and logistics professionals have one rabbit up their sleeves that is often overlooked—data. With technology permeating every aspect of ecommerce, more data is available than ever. While it can be difficult to separate the signal from the noise, data can help retailers improve customer service and their overall supply chain and shipping processes when used effectively.

Here are six ways retailers can use readily available data to optimize distribution channels and grow their businesses…”

Read on to learn how CEO, Jeremy Bodenhamer, says you can make you distribution data work for your eCommerce business.

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