May 19, 2015
Posted by Alicia Baumann

The Importance of Company Culture

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.

—Tony Robbins

Every high performing company has goals. Company goals serve as an umbrella, with team and individual goals supporting those activities. As every employee knows, their relationship with their employer is constructed to reach a certain measurable result that moves the company forward. At Shiphawk, we celebrate  employees’ goals by inspiring and encouraging our employees to have goals that are of a professional and personal nature.


(Goals after One Year)

The way that ShipHawk celebrates its team members goals is with the “Goal Wall”. The “Goal Wall” is broken up into three sections: goals after one year, goals after three years, and goals after five years. Everyday when we walk into the office, we see these reminders that we need to take action to make these dreams happen—it won’t happen passively. Just like one writes code, manages product, talks to customers, or writes content, you need to be proactive in order to do whatever it takes to reach your goals—you need that reminder of what there is to look forward to when you actually achieve what you set out to do. By promoting this sort of company culture within your office, you’re creating a congruent pairing that compels employees to push themselves, as well as the company, forward.


(Goals after Three Years)

To some, the “Goal Wall” may seem trivial; to the ShipHawk team it’s represents a commitment to supporting both personal and professional success. Often, the relationship of reciprocity with the employee and employer relationship can be unbalanced and impersonal. Our hope is that by having a meaningful discussion about hopes and dreams, we are creating a company culture that makes everyone feel both supported and accountable, just like they do in the workplace.Furthermore, ambition feeds inspiration. It’s a beautiful thing to see the sheer amount of optimism and ambition that is housed within the walls of the ShipHawk office.


(Goals after Five Years)

Every member of the team is there to help the company succeed, how often is the company there to help each team member achieve their dreams? The answer is: not very often. By creating this goals-based symbiotic relationship between your company and your employees, you can start to build a great company culture for your business.

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