Are You Ready for the UPS Strike?
  • Michael Stivers
July 14, 2023
Posted by Michael Stivers
Michael Stivers

Every day, 58 million parcels are shipped in the United States. And parcel shipments are rapidly increasing, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5% to 11.5% projected for the next five years. More than ever, businesses of all kinds rely on shipping to fulfill customer expectations. Even though shipping is vital to their success, many companies continue to rely on a single shipping carrier to meet their needs.

UPS Strike Looming

The largest shipping carrier in the United States is United Parcel Service (UPS). Businesses that rely solely on a single carrier such as UPS are certainly aware of the recent breakdown in contract negotiations on July 5 between UPS and the Teamsters union. 

A potential strike is looming, and it could start as soon as August 1st

The previous UPS work stoppage in 1997 lasted for 15 days. By one estimate, a work stoppage in August of just 10 days could cause businesses to lose over $4 billion.

Are you ready?

Do You Need a Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution?

If your business is working with one carrier, why invest in a multi-carrier shipping solution? 

Is single-source shipping a smart business strategy? 

In fact, working with only one shipping carrier can eat away at your button line: you will lose opportunities to find the best shipping rates and services for your business and your customers, and increase risk.

Although manually working with more than one shipping carrier to find the best rates will certainly slow down your business, working with a best-in-class multi-carrier solution will accelerate your business. With ShipHawk’s automated, fully integrated multi-carrier shipping solution, the cost-effective benefits are immediate so that you can fulfill more orders faster and with greater efficiency.

What’s more, businesses that have a multi-carrier solution never have to worry about relying on a single carrier.

The Multi-Carrier Shipping Solution

When your business relies on a single-carrier solution, not only are you missing out on efficiencies that could improve your bottom line, you are vulnerable at any moment to events out of your control. 

A strike could delay or halt your shipments, increase your costs, and erode customer confidence. 

Further, weather-related delays and technology outages may cause unforeseen delays and significant threats to your bottom line.  But with ShipHawk, you can quickly and easily respond to carrier disruptions with confidence that your team can get products to customers on time.

To learn more about how single-source shipping could be eating away at your bottom line, download this whitepaper.

Now is the time to find out more about ShipHawk’s premier multi-carrier shipping solution. To learn more, contact us today.


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