Announcing New SKUs for Your Diverse Shipping Needs
  • Aaron Freeman
May 16, 2016
Posted by Aaron Freeman

SKUs to fit your Shipping Needs

Today we’re announcing some exciting upgrades to the ShipHawk product line. We originally launched these offerings for two reasons: 1) to give enterprise customers an easy way to try our products out before purchasing and 2) to give small-to-midsized companies with lower complexity a way to access the magic of ShipHawk. With today’s changes, that access now includes support for a wider range of services—parcel, large goods (LTL), home delivery as well as blanket wrap—in all SKUs, even our free starter product. We’ve also packaged a custom SKU for those of you looking to manage your current parcel and freight tariffs in a single place.

Each of the SKUs is designed for a different set of customer needs:

  • Starter: For those of you who don’t have your own negotiated tariffs, or need access to non-parcel tariffs. The Starter product supports parcel services as well as select LTL, home delivery and blanket wrap, making sure you are able to ship anything that comes your way.
  • Plus: Many of you wanted a way to manage your own LTL tariffs without buying our Pro SKU—this product is for you. We support most of the top 25 LTL carriers nationally and tons of regional providers. Simply add your credentials and you can rate shop any shipment simultaneously on your rates and across ours. You also get access to all of the features in the starter product.
  • Pro: This is our enterprise-lite SKU for our do-it-yourselfers (DIY'ers). This product includes the ability to add your existing blanket wrap and home delivery tariffs, and access to our broadest set of LTL carriers, national and regional. It’s for customers who are interested in using our Dashboard interface or are doing the work of integrating their API and don’t need dedicated support services.
  • Enterprise: Our enterprise SKU is for larger organizations who are looking for a full service solution, more complex features and/or dedicated assistance along the way.

All of the SKUs give you access to the core ShipHawk platform, so you can access the best services & rates, reduce operational costs and provide a great customer buying experience in this increasingly competitive retail environment.

We welcome your feedback on how to serve you better.

Additional details for the new packaging is available on our pricing page.

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