Announcing Our New Shipping Solutions for Retailers (Did Someone Say Free?)
  • Jeremy Bodenhamer
February 22, 2016
Posted by Jeremy Bodenhamer
Jeremy Bodenhamer

New Shipping Solutions for Retailers

It’s an incredibly dynamic time in the retail industry. Mobile commerce has taken the lead influencing how people buy, users are discovering content in new ways, retailers are experimenting with omni-channel strategies, there’s a race to own the “one-click” transaction, on-demand services have mushroomed, and customers are buying everything from clothes and electronics to appliances and furniture online.

Shipping is going through a renaissance as well. It’s moved from an operational activity to a key purchase lever (it’s a primary driver for cart abandonment), and increased in complexity because of the diversity of goods sold and nuanced carrier pricing. Shipping has also become a core differentiator in the buying experience, both in how it’s communicated and how products are delivered.

All of these impact both revenue and margins.

Our goal at ShipHawk is to help retailers leverage shipping as a key competitive advantage.

To that end, today we are thrilled to announce a new suite of products and features to help retailers like you drive acquisition, retention, and profitability.

Our new best-in-class platform empowers retailers in three ways:

1—Enables a great buying experience with competitive pricing and multiple shipping options in the shopping cart, including a range of home delivery experiences, as well as customer-friendly tracking.

2 —Automates the back-end processes from point-of-sale through delivery, including rating, dispatch, tracking, and reconciliation.

3—Provides retailers with data and insights into their operations to inform better business decisions.

This simple sophisticated solution is now accessible to retailers both large and small with our new product offerings.

A completely free solution for retailers who need powerful parcel tools

  • A high-quality parcel experience is table stakes for retailers today.Our new, free, Basic product includes all the core features that a smaller retailer needs to manage its costs, simplify the shipping process and create a better buying experience, including real-time comparison pricing, label printing, and a unified shipment status dashboard.

A combined parcel and freight offering for smaller retailers who have larger goods

  • A self-service Plus product for smaller retailers who need access to a sophisticated solution that includes both parcel and LTL. This includes all the functionality of the Basic product, plus price comparisons and automation for our marketplace of LTL carriers.

An entry level product for high-growth retailers with diverse needs

  • A Pro product for high growth retailers who need access to home delivery, blanket wrap and other freight solutions, at an affordable price.

A robust Enterprise Solution for sophisticated retailers with complex needs

  • An all in one Enterprise platform with access to parcel, LTL, truckload and home delivery, packed and unpacked, from first mile to final mile. The solution includes full functionality of customer-facing features, real-time rating, and end-to-end automation, plus unique data and insights to drive key shipping decisions.

All of these options are now available both through our full featured dashboard as well as the newly re-architected ShipHawk API.

With today’s announcement we are delivering on the first step of our goal to give retailers, large and small, B2B and B2C, across all product types, access to the tools they need to compete in an increasingly complex world.

We believe that ShipHawk is the most powerful transportation management system today—one that reduces costs, improves conversions rates, and puts you as the retailer back in control of your margins.

We hope these products are valuable to you and welcome your feedback and ideas.

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