Posted by Laura Kenny

How to Choose the Right TMS 2.0™ for Your Business

We call it TMS 2.0™ - a data-driven, automated shipping software with the power to radically impact your business. Implementing smart shipping software optimizes supply chains and reduces shipping and fulfillment costs.

The right TMS will:

  • Support “Amazon power” by allowing companies to create a shipping experience that is data-driven and unique to their brand.

  • Proactively inform shoppers, keeping them up-to-date on every step of their order while providing them with control over post-purchase needs.

  • Analyze carrier performance and use real data to improve the delivery infrastructure.

  • Provide the power to make changes in real-time in order to enhance sales results.

  • Supply fact-based insights to facilitate business scaling and margin growth.

Take control of every aspect of your shipping operation.

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