March 26, 2019
Posted by Claire Eastburn

Why the Top 1% of Shippers Will OUTPERFORM and OUTLAST Everyone

Now that SuiteWorld 2019 is over, it's time to focus on how to join the top 1% of shippers.

Shipping is getting bigger every year. The rate that eCommerce is growing every year is 23% (Source: D3 Summit). But growth is coming at a cost...

Buyers need more. They need orders faster. They need it cheaper. They need more options, including:

  • More convenience
  • More efficiency
  • Lower prices
  • More personalization
  • Quicker delivery
  • More control
  • More information
  • More transparency

Those who don't step up to that won't exist much longer. So what makes the top 1% of shippers different?

They innovate. They iterate. They reimagine workflows. They meet changing customer expectations without compromising their bottom line. They use data to inform business changes. They solve problems with technology, not bodies. 

So are you ready to join the top 1% of shippers?

All it takes is a 15 minute conversation to kickstart your organization’s improved shipping strategy. Contact us at to find a time to chat.


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